BioEnergizer Foot Spa Pro, Foot Bath Basin for Cramped Muscles – Foot Machine for Aching Feet with Sea Salt and 30 Basin Liners, Foot Spa to Help Stim…
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BioEnergizer Foot Spa Pro, Foot Bath Basin for Cramped Muscles - Foot Machine for Aching Feet with Sea Salt and 30 Basin Liners, Foot Spa to Help Stimulate Blood Flow and Hydrate Skin

  • ALL-IN-ONE FOOT SPA: Included with our foot bath basin, you’ll receive all the detoxifying products you need to enjoy a relaxing foot spa in the comfort of your own home. Our foot spa kit comes with an energizing cartridge that will help stimulate blood flow to increase circulation for muscle loosening while reducing swelling.

  • SOOTHE AND HYDRATE DRY SKIN: The BioEnergizer foot detox machine is designed to assist in relieving dry, irritated skin from itchiness. For hydration and moisturizing, the 100mg of low-sodium sea salt will leave your skin feeling invigorated. For best results, use this foot bath cleanse for 30 minutes twice a week to notice softer, smoother skin.

  • CAN LAST UP TO 30 FOOT SOAKS: BioEnergizer’s foot soaking bath basin comes with 30 basin liners that are easy to use and assist with keeping your foot detox machine kit clean and easily maintainable. You simply place our plastic bowl liners over your foot basin and fill with water and sea salt. Once finished, you can bag up the dirty water and you are ready for your next foot soak.

  • MORE ABOUT OUR FOOT SPA MACHINE: Nothing feels better than a nice, warm, reviving foot soak. With our Bioenergizer detox foot bath, water, salt and energizing cartridge you will surely experience relief from pain, stiffness and soreness. Once you dip your feet into the wash basin, you’ll feel instant relief. This all-inclusive kit will help you alleviate cramped muscles and aching feet.

  • STAY HYDRATED AND REMOVE TOXINS: Some people may experience tingling sensations in the feet, legs, or arms during each foot soak. Depending on the number of toxins present in your skin, the water may change color while soaking your feet. Remember to drink plenty of water before using our foot detox bath machine.


Our All-in-One foot detox system comes complete with an energizing cartridge, 30 disposable foot basin liners and a bottle of 100g low-sodium sea salt to help you create your own detox foot bath system in the privacy of your home.

Our energizing cartridge was designed to allow for approximately 30-foot spa baths if cleaned regularly. The cartridge is easy to use, you simply plug it into the BioEnergizer and your detox machine is ready to go.

The cartridge itself was developed to improve blood circulation that assists in relieving swelling and muscle soreness. The detox bath system will increase blood flow, decrease muscle stiffness ultimately giving you the relief you need.

(1) Foot Basin
(1) BioEnergizer
(1) Bottle of 100g Low-Sodium Sea Salt
(1) Energizing Cartridge
(30) Disposable Foot Basin Liners

Dimensions: 1.55” x 7.50” x 5.55” inches
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Materials: Plastic
Color: White


By combining our low-sodium sea salt with water in the foot tub, you will noticeably feel smoother skin after only a few baths. For best results, we recommend using the foot bath detox tub twice a week for 30 minutes each.

As a note, you may experience tingling sensations in your feet, legs, or arms during your foot soak. The water will change color while soaking your feet depending on the number of toxins in your body. While you soak your feet, please remember to drink plenty of water.