Buying a Microwave Stand With Storage Near Me

microwave stand with storage near me

If you are planning to buy a microwave stand with storage near me, there are a number of considerations that you should take into account. These include cost, construction details, installation, and where to buy them. Read on to learn more about these things. After reading this article, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision. If you are unsure how to buy the right one for your kitchen, we’ve put together a guide to help you.


The average microwave stand is 20 to 25 inches wide and 16 to 20 inches deep, and the door doubles in depth when the appliance is opened. It is therefore important to select a microwave stand that is slightly larger than the microwave itself, and deep enough to support the weight of the appliance. Microwave ovens weigh anywhere from 30 pounds to 80 pounds. You should choose a microwave stand that can support the weight of your microwave, which is typically between 30 and 80 pounds.

The top of a microwave cart is normally higher than its bottom surface, and it should be installed against an open wall to maximize vertical space in your kitchen. Microwave carts on wheels are easier to move, but be sure to consider their unusable features when shopping. For example, butcher block tops are useless because they won’t support a microwave. Butcher block tops, on the other hand, are more suitable for storage than microwaves, and carts with open metal racks look good in a modern kitchen.

Construction considerations

You should be aware of the construction considerations for microwave stands with storage. The placement of the microwave on the stand should be in close proximity to the main prep space. Avoid placing it too low, as this can make it difficult to reach or even dangerous for curious young children. It is best to install the microwave at counter height, but there are some special considerations depending on the mounting method. There are a few different options when it comes to height, including microwave-ready base cabinets and custom-made storage.

First, it is important to consider the size of your microwave. Microwaves come in three different sizes, so you need to determine which one will fit in your space. Check the depth and manufacturer’s recommended spacing to make sure your microwave will fit comfortably. You can also use a trim kit to make a 24-inch microwave look attractive. Once you’ve selected the size and style of the microwave stand with storage, you can move on to the next step in the construction process.

Places to buy

If you’re looking for a microwave stand with storage, you’ve come to the right place. This appliance stand is made of high-quality, low-cost medium-density fiberboard, and it features adjustable feet for easy mobility. It also comes with wire racks and utensil hooks. Reviews on Amazon have been mostly positive, with many praising the fact that the microwave stand frees up counter space and is sturdy and reliable.


Installing a microwave stand with storage requires a little bit of work. The first step is to mark the location of the studs on the wall. You should be able to locate studs by measuring in 16-inch increments. Then, use a template to mark the position of fasteners. After locating the studs, screw the shelf to the studs using a 2-by-inch lumber nailed to the wall.

Using a stud finder, locate the studs on the wall below the cabinet space. Mark the locations with a pencil and level. Make sure that you extend the markings downward. You can also use a cardboard template. If you do not have a template, the mounting bracket is a good choice. Install the microwave stand with storage, and you’ll be pleased with the result! This step will also ensure proper placement of your microwave.

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