Calphalon Katana Cutlery 18-Piece Knife Set
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Calphalon Katana Cutlery 18-Piece Knife Set


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  • Calphalon katana cutlery 18-piece set

  • Features: knife construction: VG-1 Japanese steel for exceptional sharpness and ultimate edge retention; Key performance: exceptional sharpness, rigidity and edge retention; hand wash

  • Blade: Clad with 33 stainless steel layers for distinctive style, exceptional rigidity and rust-resistance; Traditional blade shapes enhanced for ease of use and precision

  • Bolster: Integrated bolster design provides secure, comfortable grip; Offers increased control; Encourages proper technique; Facilitates full blade involvement for smooth, efficient slicing

  • Handles: Patented, ergonomic polyresin, contoured for comfort and balanced for control and precision; Will not chip, crack or peel

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August 31, 2017

Size: 14-pc|Verified Purchase

I just received replacements for my order, and I’m now fully satisfied! All the previous issues I had where the knives’ blades were crooked and bent may have been just an isolated incident. Amazon handled the replacement quickly, and I received my new Katanas in 2 days. The knives came undamaged and look so sexy. Weight is balanced, and comparable to our old Cutcos (which cost twice as much). Quality feels great. I won’t be surprised if they last a lifetime.

January 6, 2015

Size: 14-pc|Verified Purchase

My husband received this as a gift (although I do more cooking than he does – ha). These knives are very good quality. At first, when I saw that they were assembled in China, it gave me pause, but the steel is supposed to be Japanese so I think the quality is still up to par. As for the comments about how they rust – a couple of these have gotten little spots on the edges that looks reddish like rust, but I’ve been able to scrub them off and they go away, so I’ve not been too concerned about it. I love the handling of the knives and they cut so well. Pretty satisfied so far, and we’ve had them since May 2014. The scissors are pretty awesome too, although I wish they would disassemble so that I could clean them better.

January 24, 2018

Size: 18-pc|Verified Purchase

Absolutely LOVE these knives (I had purchased a Santoku a few years back.) and when this set popped up in my “You may like this” feed I knew it was destiny. I read the reviews and read each negative comment and was totally ok with stamped steel steak knives (who cares, really.), rusting knives….you wash it, dry it, put it away, simple. After all that the ONLY thing that really pissed me off was the completely misleading post. I originally was only looking an 8″ Chef Knife, which this one had! or so I thought. The post claimed this 18 pc set included a Chef Knife and so I bought it. Got home yesterday and unwrapped my knives to find that NOT ONLY did I not get my Chef Knife, but there was also a missing Santoku as well. I just don’t understand how this “store” dropped the ball so hard.

May 6, 2014

Size: 18-pc|Verified Purchase


Sharp, hold an edge well, and good looking. I hand wash them. It’s not really a pain to wash a few knives. They are very comfortable to cut with as well. I’m glad I bought them.

October 5, 2015

Size: 14-pc|Verified Purchase

Simply the best knives for the price! I have yet to have to sharpen them as they hold their edge even with my wife’s never ending lack of care…….sigh. Don’t think twice, you won’t be disappointed.

May 2, 2012

Size: 18-pc|Verified Purchase

I spent about a month looking around at various shops for a great set of knives. This is what I ended up ordering, They are razor sharp! The material is made of thirty-three layers of stainless steel, has an outstanding ability to retain an edge and proven strength with VG-1.

Nothing feels better in your hand than these handles, they are not made for small hand though but for me they feel great. The material used to make the knife handle is much more important than you might think. Wooden handles have a tendency to rot or corrode. A corroded handle will make the blade fit loosely, which can be dangerous. These feel and great they are less likely to break than many other handles and are not overly heavy.

The way that a knife handle is designed is important. The part of the blade that goes into the handle (called the tang) should go all the way through on both sides. Many knife tangs only go part of the way through the knife’s handle or on one side. This may cause the blade to come loose, but this has a full tang. They are well balanced and you need that to make sure you don’t cut your self
Cutting with these tools is great since slicing is so easy.. I have tried with other knives, but never got as good of results as with this set. These are worth every penny, but do take care of them! They do need hand washing.

April 18, 2016

Size: 14-pc|Verified Purchase

Love this set. I bought it for my parents 3 years ago and finally broke down and bought the exact same thing for myself.

October 2, 2016

Size: 14-pc|Verified Purchase

So far so good. Sharp and slick. I’ve only cut a little corner of a finger off…my fault but secures how sharp and awesome these knives are. Best Buy of kitchen appliances my husband and I have made so far.