Clearlight 2 Person Sauna – What You Should Know

Congratulations on your latest purchase of a clearlight 2 person sauna. You will find they are a great sauna and have many benefits. There is however a problem with the one you purchased and it is not what you expected. There is a clearcut issue with this sauna that needs to be addressed and this article will provide you with some information to help resolve it.

clearlight 2 person sauna

You should have seen the adverts on TV for the clearlight 2 person sauna when you looked at the TV. These saunas seem to be so popular that the manufacturers of these saunas must have had a good advertising campaign because they were able to get so many people through the doors. You would think that they would be able to give you a lifetime of service out of these but that is not the case. The manufacturers of the clearlight saunas have slashed the prices dramatically and you can find one for as little as $250. These saunas are extremely hot and require a special type of heating unit in order to function properly.

It is the special heating unit that is at the heart of the clearlight 2 person sauna and it is called the chromotherapy element. The reason why the sauna is so special is because the main active ingredient in it is chromotherapy which is based on the theory of heat therapy. The heat is emitted from a device called the ‘infrared saucer’ which sits underneath the green coloured chromotherapy unit.

The heat emitted by this device heats the water in the basin used in the sauna which then travels up the pipes into the room and warms up the air in the rest of the room. This action of the infrared rays warms the air, making it more comfortable to breathe and also makes it easier for the body to sweat. This is how the infrared sanctuary saunas operate and it is believed that this is the key to their effectiveness.

The infrared heat generated in the clearlight saunas makes the water inside the basin move which causes the steam to rise. This increased steam is what makes the water feel warmer and also increases the blood circulation in the body. So when the temperature of the water is raised the blood vessels in the skin increase in diameter which then stimulates the release of natural oils. This is how the clear light infrared saunas work and is the basis behind many of the claims made by sellers of this type of sauna.

When you look at a clearlight sauna it can appear to be a traditional sauna, but there are actually some differences. One difference is that the infrared rays do not travel up the tubes of the sauna like they would with other types. Instead the rays that are emitted from the saucer or bowl are absorbed and reflected by the infrared transmitters placed in the sauna to the inside of the unit. This allows the spectrum infrared heaters to work more efficiently than other types of saunas and these include traditional infrared heating systems including the clearlight infrared.

These units are popular with home saunologists and are now being widely advertised on the internet. They are priced at about the same level as other saunas and are easy to use. Many of the distributors of the clearlight infrared saunas offer a free trial period of their saunas and this enables you to see if it is suitable for you. In most cases it is and you can test it out for about a week and decide whether it is right for you. They are available in about two to three sizes depending on the size of your sauna room. Most saunas have a bench top but some may include a standalone plate that you lay on top of the sauna itself.

You can find many good deals on the internet for a clearlight infrared saunas at very reasonable prices. There are even some dealers who sell direct to the public. This is an excellent way to buy a sauna and you may be able to get them at a discounted price because the company has low overheads. When buying from a direct seller you are however still going to have to make sure you are buying from a trustworthy individual. Some distributors of saunas are selling fakes and you want to be sure you are buying a genuine piece of equipment.

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