Clearlight 2 Person Sauna

clearlight 2 person sauna

Clearlight 2 Person Sauna

The Clearlight 2 Person Sauna is equipped with a digital keypad to control the temperature of the sauna. It has the ability to be switched on or off up to 36 hours in advance. The integrated True Wave(tm) heating technology helps ensure a safe sauna experience. You can use your smartphone to turn the sauna on and off as desired. The built-in thermostat keeps the temperature comfortable. The Clearlight sauna comes with a two-year limited warranty.

You can purchase a Clearlight two-person sauna in Canada or the U.S.A. This model is designed to fit two people. A portable backrest is available to support two people. It is made from spruce and is crafted with carbon-ceramic heaters. The Clearlight IS-2 has many great features, including roof ventilation, a reading light, Bluetooth input, and a Never Fail digital keypad. The heating system is equipped with True Wave(tm) low-EMF technology and is shielded by an infrared heat element. The HVAC is covered with infrared heat, which minimizes the presence of harmful EMFs.

The Clearlight is equipped with a True-Spectrum ™ heater. This is a special heater system that uses halogen bulbs to provide light that is absorbed by the body. This heating system provides warmth and moisture for two people. The sauna is cooled by an insulated heating system. The sauna has a backrest for two people. The Clearlight IS-2 also comes with a Bench Pad that protects the bench from stains.

The Clearlight Premier IS-2 is a two-person far infrared sauna. It includes recessed LED accent lights, an interior reading light, Bluetooth input, and a Never Fail(tm) digital keypad. It has True Wave(tm) low-EMF heating technology with carbon/ceramic panels on the back wall, under the bench, and in the floor. The True-Wave AC has the lowest ELF levels in the industry.

The Clearlight Premier IS-2 is a two-person far-infrared sauna. Its features include roof ventilation, a bench pad, and an interior reading light. The Jacuzzi(r) HALOONE(tm) Halotherapy Generator sprays superior salt therapy solution to penetrate the body. The salt mist spreads evenly throughout the infrared cabin. It is safe for both you and your family.

The Clearlight Premier IS-2 has a backrest designed for two people. Its portable backrest is made of durable material and is ergonomically designed for the comfort of the user. This sauna also comes with a bench pad. It protects the sauna bench from damage due to vibration. It also features a portable backrest that is adjustable to fit two people. Its patented design offers you comfort and convenience, with a portable backrest, the Clearlight IS-2 is ideal for two-person use.

The Clearlight Premier IS-2 far-infrared sauna is designed for two people. It is equipped with a Bluetooth input, Nakamichi stereo speakers, and a Never Fail(tm) digital keypad. It also features True Wave(tm) low-EMF heating technology. This carbon-ceramic heat is located under the bench and in the floor. This heater is surrounded by infrared heat, so it is safe for both you and your family.

The Clearlight Premier IS-2 is a two-person far-infrared sauna. This sauna also comes with a built-in Bluetooth input and a Nakamichi stereo speaker. The system is easy to use and is also equipped with TrueWave(tm) low-EMF heating technology. Its HVAC is protected by infrared heat. Aside from the safety features, it also has a waterproof cover and a recessed LED accent light.

The Clearlight IS-2 is a two-person far-infrared sauna. Its features include a wood frame with a textured mesh heater guard. In addition to its high-quality wood frame, the Clearlight has many other features that make it a convenient addition to a home. The Premier IS-2 is ideal for two people. Its high-end model is the premier in the Clearlight line.

A clearlight sauna is the best choice for a two-person sauna. Its unique door handle gives you a unique experience with a clear infrared sauna. Its digital controller lets you control the temperature of your infrared sauna from anywhere in the world. You can set the temperature by setting the digital controller to the highest setting. Aside from the quality of wood, the sauna is also compatible with a smartphone cradle.

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