Clearlight Sanctuary 2 Price

The Clearlight Sanctuary 2 is a sauna designed by a chiropractor, Dr. Raleigh Duncan. The clearlight is very easy to install and requires a 120-volt outlet. The heater is 300-watt and requires a minimum of two feet of space around it. Its cost is approximately $200. The sauna is also easy to clean, and requires no maintenance. It can be used by one or more people at a time, and is a great addition to your home.

clearlight sanctuary 2 price

The Clearlight Sanctuary 2 is an ultra-modern sauna with an ergonomic backrest and a built-in reversible bench. It offers a wide variety of therapeutic benefits with its medical-grade Chromotherapy system. It can accommodate up to four people, and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Its price depends on its quality and finishing. The sauna costs approximately $4600, plus shipping. It includes an integrated digital keypad and nozzles.

The Clearlight Sanctuary 2 is available in three colors: basswood, Western red Canadian cedar, and white. All of them have a beautiful glass front design, a touchscreen, and Bluetooth connectivity. They come in a compact design, and feature a full-spectrum infrared heating system. They feature a touch screen remote control and smartphone cradle. Unlike other brands, Clearlight has a full-featured, high-tech sauna.

The Clearlight Sanctuary 2 is available in three sizes, the most popular of which is the single-wave model. It has a full spectrum of infrared wavelengths. With this technology, the sauna provides a safe and comfortable environment for a wide range of people. The two sizes of the Sanctuary are identical. Depending on your needs, you may need to upgrade the sauna if you decide to get a second one. The clearlight canopy can be purchased with or without a warranty.

When purchasing the clearlight sanctuary 2, the cost will vary from $330 to $450. The sauna is set up and ready to use. You can use it once and use it for many years. It will last for a lifetime when used frequently. Its True Wave infrared emitters have an estimated operational life of 30,000 hours. Using it five times a week, you can expect your sauna to last for over a century.

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