Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 – Experience Hydration, Healing And Peace Of Mind With A Propane Jacuzzi

The popular Clearlight Sanctuary outdoor lights come with two main products, a double pane glass diffuser and a high-powered solar panel. The diffuser produces a stream of color that blends together with the rainbow during the night. The panel heats up the solar collector and sends it out into the air where it warms up and then produces long-lasting, color-rich light.

The two products work well together. You can use them to create either a clear or frosted look depending on your preference. However, the clearlight sanctuary outdoor 2 can also be used as a far infrared nightlight if you install it properly. The design comes with an integrated nine LED light cluster which provides all of the bright infrared lighting you need for better light control. The system is also equipped with a clear plastic lens to accentuate the beautiful patterns of the outer panel.

This far infrared duality is one of the primary reasons why this product has become so popular. Other benefits of the clearlight sanctuary outdoor 2 include; quiet operation, powerful illumination, and dual voltage operation. This amazing product also uses a powerful ceramic plate to emit a full spectrum of light which covers all spectrums of infrared. That way you get total color match everywhere, not just near infrared light.

The double pane glass panel is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the far infrared heating technology used inside. In addition, the clear plastic lens enables optimum viewing even at dusk or the dark hours. The outer protective covering is shatter resistant and anti-scratch resistant. It has been created to make the perfect accessory for any outdoor area and to fit any decor. The bench is crafted from heavy-duty resin which is then finished with a high-gloss black rubber seat. The bench easily fits on the table and is secured with a durable aluminum frame.

For many years, there has been the problem of overheating in personal saunas. But that has now been solved by the clearlight sanctuary outdoor benches. These benches are not only used for medical purposes but as a piece of beautiful furniture which is attractive to anyone. The inner heat producing panels of these benches are made from medical grade chromotherapy ceramic. The outer surface of the benches has been specifically coated to make them impervious to sun, rain and other elements.

In addition, the clear bench cushion is treated with near infrared (NIR) light therapy to improve circulation. As a result, the blood flow is increased and oxygen flow to the skin is enhanced. With regular sessions of near infrared light therapy, the sweat glands will produce more perspiration and skin condition will improve. The regular sessions of jacuzzi therapy will ensure that your muscles remain relaxed and will not tense up. This will help you to stay fresh and relaxed after a day of jacuzzi sessions.

The clear light therapy incorporated in this portable infrared heater jacuzzi is the most advanced technology used in personal saunas today. The patented IR thermodynamic design allows the heaters to operate at the exact temperature needed by the body to maximize blood circulation and increase overall metabolic rate. The infrared energy reaches deep down through the pad so it can penetrate the skin and deliver maximum warmth without heating up the surrounding areas. The outer surface of the infrared heaters is highly polished to make sure that it glows brightly and looks beautiful. Also, the front panel and the side walls full spectrum heater jacuzzi is designed in a way so it gives off the same kind of healthy glow of the real Jacuzzis.

The clearlight sanctuary outdoor 2 has two models to choose from. The base model is equipped with a powerful built-in medical grade chromotherapy machine along with a powerful built-in propane heater. All the other accessories are also provided including a power point, a twelve-volt DC adapter, wall and floor mount brackets, an adjustable water supply hose, a medical grade hydrotherapy chamber, a clear polycarbonate canopy, a deluxe travel case and detailed manual. The deluxe case even comes with a wireless remote control. The standard model has a single rear nozzle for use on all models and the deluxe model has three rear nozzles for use on all sizes.

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