Coca-Cola Bottles in Nepal

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Coca-Cola Nepal offers a range of bottles for its products. The bottles are environmentally friendly and reusable. They are made from glass to preserve the excellent taste and freshness of Coca-Cola. They can be found at supermarkets in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. These slender, glass bottles are available in different sizes.

Cost of 175 ml glass bottle

In Nepal, you can purchase Coca-Cola in glass bottles in grocery stores. These bottles are environmentally friendly and reusable. Plus, the glass packaging helps to maintain the fresh taste of Coca-Cola. Currently, Coca-Cola Nepal offers these bottles in different sizes.

In Nepal, Coca-Cola has introduced a new, affordable 175 ml glass bottle. These new bottles are priced at Rs 25 each and are designed exclusively for the Nepalese market. They feature a Nepali scripted logo, which shows the brand’s commitment to local consumers. The bottles are one of the brand’s smallest beverage packages in the country.

The company has also introduced an environmentally friendly version of its drinks in Nepal, called Kanchhu. This small pack is designed to be reusable and environment-friendly. It also helps to maintain the freshness of cold drinks. These bottles will soon be available in grocery stores throughout the country.

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