Corkscrew Willow
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Corkscrew Willow


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Size:6-7 ft.

I you like trees that are loaded with character, Corkscrew Willow (Sali matsudana) will not disappoint. Twisting, curling, and contorted branches are the result o this tree’s natural growth habit. So liven things up a bit by adding a twist to your landscape design — when you order Corkscrew Willow, you’re also ordering a little personality or your yard or garden!Architectural Look plus FunctionalityIt’s all about the beneits when you’re deciding on plants or your landscape. Corkscrew Willow oers not only orm (to improve your curb appeal) but also unction (to solve a common lawn problem).- The problem o wet soil.Corkscrew Willow doesn’t mind “wet eet,†which is a condition that causes other tree roots to rot. This trait irmly establishes Corkscrew Willow on any “rain garden†plant list. So i you have a spot in your yard (away rom septic tanks and drain ields) where standing rain is a problem that prevents other plants rom growing there, order Corkscrew Willow — problem solved!- The wonder o winter interest.You’ll enjoy the ascinating look o curvaceous branches year-round, but Corkscrew Willow’s orm really comes alive in winter. When the leaves all in autumn, they reveal the stark architecture o this tree’s branches. Be sure to plant Corkscrew Willow where its intriguing look is in easy view o passersby.- The surprise o ast growth.When you plant a unique-looking tree, you don’t want to wait many years or it to mature. The rapid growth rate o Corkscrew Willow means you’ll appreciate all its twists and turns as it quickly orms an attention-grabbing accent in your landscape.Design IdeasI you like to bring the outdoors in by making handcrated decorations, you’ll love the versatility o Corkscrew Willow. Twigs, stems, and small branches can be ormed into wreaths, tucked into loral arrangements, and gathered into swags. Use gold or silver spray paint or an elegant touch,

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Size:6-7 ft.

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