Costco Sauna List – Two Person Saunas

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Costco Sauna List – Two Person Saunas

Two person saunas are becoming more popular these days as they are an affordable way to enjoy a relaxing sauna session in the comfort of your own home. If you do not know what a sauna is, it is a type of steam bath where you have a bench placed in front of either a heated mantel or a raised bench that you can sit on. You then have a small amount of steam released from either a heated towel or from a small pump that adds to the steam in the room.

You can either buy your own two person sauna kit at your local Home Depot or even a Costco. One advantage to buying at a big box store is that they will typically offer a wide variety of sauna options. It is nice to be able to try out different sauna models. However, be aware that not all two person saunas are created equal. Some will be more expensive than others depending on what features they have. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for your sauna.

Costco offers some very nice and affordable saunas. The Craftsman models are considered some of the best available in the industry. You can choose from three different colors, which include black, cherry red, or natural stone. They also have a deluxe version which adds extras like a bench, steam shelf, and adjustable shelves. They are lightweight enough that you can fold them up and store them in the back of your closet easily. The downside to this type of sauna is that it does not have a steam cabinet or steam footer.

Sears is another place where you can find two person saunas for a decent price. Their biggest competitor is Consumer America, so they have to fight to be any good. They offer saunas in a number of sizes and with various features. You can buy one that comes with a built-in bench or one that folds down easily and can be stored out of the way. They also offer deluxe models which have more features and can be purchased at a lower price than the other models.

A newer addition to the two person sauna market is the Green Valley Systems line. These saunas use a patented infrared heating system which uses less energy than older saunas and has an impressive array of temperature settings. You can choose a thirty minute session, a fifteen minute session, or a thirty-minute shower, and the sauna will be heated, maintained, and cleaned inside and out. The infrared technology means that the steam they produce smells delicious, has no odor, and is great for everyone in the family including your pet.

I would stay away from two person models made by Sunbeam or Heilsa. These are overpriced and their small sizes don’t add much in the way of benefits. The lower prices on these newer models from International Paper, Black Book, and the like are much better values for your money. The smaller sizes come in at a reasonable price, but they still don’t offer the sauna experience you would get with a larger model. These models still have a retractable bench and a few other nice features, like heated towel bars and massaging benches. But you won’t feel like you’re getting the full experience in a two person sauna.

The best value for your money will come from a dealer. There are many dealers out there, but I recommend only buying from Costco. There you can find the biggest selection of two person saunas on the market. Costco also offers the greatest variety and the best prices, so if you shop around long enough you can probably find a great deal on the best model for your needs.

If you have your heart set on using a hot stone in a sauna, buy from a reputable dealer. Buying wholesale from distributors can lead to problems down the line, especially if the quality of the rocks is less than desired. But if you stick with Costco, you’re buying from a company that’s been around for a long time and has an excellent reputation. Buying from them is easy, secure, and you can feel confident that you’re getting a great sauna. After all, your health should be your number one concern, and a good sauna should be worth the money spent.

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