CoverMates – 11 Foot Patio Umbrella Cover – 42 CIRC x 76H – Elite Collection – 3 YR Warranty – Year Around Protection – Charcoal
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CoverMates – 11 Foot Patio Umbrella Cover – 42 CIRC x 76H – Elite Collection – 3 YR Warranty – Year Around Protection - Charcoal


  • to make sure this fits.

  • WARRANTY: 3–year manufacturer warranty

  • SIZE: Designed to fit up to 11 FOOT Traditional Round/Octagon Style umbrellas

  • MATERIAL: Made from 300D stock–dyed polyester

  • FEATURES: Measure height of collapsed umbrella for proper fit of non–traditional shapes

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Color:Charcoal Polyester

Umbrella covers by Covermates will protect your patio umbrellas year round and keep them looking their best for many seasons. Choose from a variety of sizes of patio umbrella covers to keep your patio umbrella looking great.

Note: For larger or offset umbrellas, please see our offset cantilevered umbrella cover.

All Elite covers include a heavy duty rust-proof nylon zipper that runs the length of the umbrella cover, making it easy to put on and take off. Also included is a helpful wand to lift the top of the cover over the umbrella, so anyone can use this cover with ease. A mesh vent sewn into the side allows air to circulate while still keeping your patio umbrella clean and dry. Elite patio umbrella covers are backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t forget to check out our patio table covers to complement your patio umbrella covers!

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Color:Charcoal Polyester

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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November 8, 2016

Size: 50 CIRCUMFERENCE x 88H|Color: Khaki Polyester|Verified Purchase

Does not completely cover a rectangular 8×11 umbrella, despite measuring the closed length as ~84″. If you pull on the cover, you’re able to have it come to the end of the umbrella, but it doesn’t stay covering the ends. It would be nice if it were a few inches longer. I haven’t checked to see that it’s actually 88″ as advertised (it’s possible that it is actually a few inches short). I wish there wasn’t a section with mesh as I purchased this to mostly protect my umbrella from fading as a result of the sun. If part is exposed through the mesh, that defeats the purpose. I like the idea of having a pole to help put the umbrella on (and having an included place to store it inside the cover); however, the length of the assembled pole is far too short for the height of the umbrella and cover. This was easily and inexpensively remedied by a short trip to the local home improvement store and some PVC pipe and connector pieces (for a few dollars)- they’ll even cut the pipe for you. Putting on and removing the cover is much easier with the longer pole. Overall, if you’re looking for a cover for a larger rectangular umbrella, this might work ok with a few drawbacks.

July 17, 2015

Size: 36 CIRCUMFERENCE x 69H|Color: Green Vinyl|Verified Purchase

Good quality vinyl, fits well. The separate extension rod that is used to lift the cover over the umbrella is too short and is basically useless. I had to buy a small diameter 5-foot PVC pipe to lift the cover on or off of the umbrella. Too bad the extension rod is not standard gauge so it could be extended by adding pieces. Overall not a bad product but a rod should have been built into the cover to assist with taking it on or off.

July 1, 2016

Size: 36 CIRCUMFERENCE x 69H|Color: Grey Solution Dyed Polyester|Verified Purchase

Best outdoor covers! Use for penthouse terrace furniture in the New Jersey with high winds and extreme weather changes. After trying many different covers, they are the only covers that don’t fade, break and are weather resistant. Very strong clips that prevent covers from flying away. A bit pricey, but worth the security in knowing our investments are protected from the elements.

Order 3 more umbrella covers that should help with determining size for 10 foot and 13 foot umbrellas.
8-10 foot patio umbrella cover fit standard 8 foot umbrella well, but too small for 10 foot umbrellas.
10-13 foot patio umbrella cover fits standard 10 foot umbrella very nicely.
Cantilever umbrella cover fit 10 ft x 13 ft rectangle market umbrella with space left over, however, with the bottom drawstring was able to make snug fit that will prevent blowing off during high winds.
Hope this helps.

May 7, 2017

Size: 42 CIRCUMFERENCE x 76H|Color: Khaki Polyester|Verified Purchase

After searching extensively on-line for the right umbrella cover, this was definitely the best choice. We recently purchased an 11′ umbrella from Costco (the 3-tier kind) – this cover fits it perfectly! Since our umbrella sits in the middle of a 64″ square table, the wand included with this cover is a necessity and makes it fairly easy to put on. However, my husband and I are both tall so it may be a little difficult if you’re vertically challenged, but you can always buy a longer PVC pipe. The quality of the fabric is very good – it feels like a light but sturdy canvas. The zipper and stitching reflect great workmanship too. I highly recommend this cover!

August 25, 2017

Size: 42 CIRCUMFERENCE x 76H|Color: Clay Heavy Duty Polyester|Verified Purchase

Seems to be good quality. Looks very nice and is doing the job. But I agree with several others about the included pole being way too short! I am 6’3″ and it is somewhat difficult even for me to put on and take off the cover over the umbrella in the center of my outdoor table. My wife is 5’3″ and it is impossible for her. My previous cover (not as nice as the CoverMate and wore out which is why I bought the CoverMate) had an integral aluminum pole that could be extended out quite a bit where my wife could put on or take off the cover. No more. Seems like something very easily fixed by the company, but they’ve not done it. This is why I only gave it 4 stars.

April 30, 2016

Size: 50 CIRCUMFERENCE x 88H|Color: Khaki Polyester|Verified Purchase

Perfect fit for my 11ft 3 tier market umbrella. I bought my umbrella at a big box warehouse store and it didn’t come with an umbrella cover. This cover completely covers the umbrella and finial with room to spare at the bottom. It has a zipper and snap to keep it secure. The wand is an added bonus and is easily stored in a pouch inside the cover. Love it!

October 21, 2015

Size: 50 CIRCUMFERENCE x 88H|Color: Sage Green Solution Dyed Polyester|Verified Purchase

I ordered the 88-inch length cover for my 12-ft. diameter market umbrella. Seems to be a high-quality product, and it covers the entire umbrella, including the finial on top, all the way down to the tabletop. (The 76-inch length cover might have been a little short.) Regarding the sectioned PVC pole provided for lifting the cover on and off — I agree with other reviewers that this pole is too flimsy and too short to be of much use. I appreciate the comments of the reviewer who said he cut a standard 3/4″ PVC pipe to a useful length — I’ll probably do the same. The one problem with my order: I ordered a TAN cover — I received a SAGE cover (which I’ll probably keep, rather than go through the return hassle).

December 21, 2017

Size: 36 CIRCUMFERENCE x 69H|Color: Green Vinyl|Verified Purchase

This is a great cover, even if not long enough, but at least is well made it and well worth it..