DBPOWER Portable Power Station, 178Wh/250W Lithium-Ion Battery Solar Generator with 110V AC Outlet for CPAP Emergency Outdoor Camping Adventure Travel…

DBPOWER Portable Power Station, 178Wh/250W Lithium-Ion Battery Solar Generator with 110V AC Outlet for CPAP Emergency Outdoor Camping Adventure Travel…
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DBPOWER Portable Power Station, 178Wh/250W Lithium-Ion Battery Solar Generator with 110V AC Outlet for CPAP Emergency Outdoor Camping Adventure Travel Fishing (48000mAh)

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  • 【Design and Build】 178 Wh Portable Power Station has a panel equipped with an AC Output (110 Volts at 60 Hertz), two DC In-Output and three type of USB ports support QC 3.0 quick charge. It has a running output of 250 Watts and a surge output of 350 Watts: 110V/250W (Peak 350W). And this solar generator uses Lithium-ion, is very Environment-Friendly. On the top of this power station are 4 battery indicator lights, will also help indicate the charged or recharged status of the battery.

  • 【Capacity】 The Portable Solar Generator has 7.16×5.39×5.04 inches compact design, weighs only 4.41lb. Can store up to 178Wh of charge. Three types of Outlets-AC, DC and USB, 110V AC Outlet provide a rated power of 250 Watts and peak power of 350 Watts. The built-in LED flashlights (long press the button) with three modes lighting, SOS, strobe is good for an emergency use while being outdoors.

  • 【Functionality】Portable Power Station with 178Wh Large Capacity that offers emergency power for home and outdoor activities. 110V AC / 12V DC Port, 5V USB ports and a Quick Charge 3.0 USB port charge everything from smart electronics to drones, small home appliance (rated less than 250W), etc. Moreover, the portable power station with solid handle is also practical and useful for your outdoor camping explore activities. Handy to carry anywhere with you!

  • 【Recharge Easily】 Recharge Easily: portable power station is equipped with advanced lithium ion battery pack, you can recharge with: 110V wall socket; 12V/24V car cigarette socket (sold separately) ; Solar Panel (sold separately). Full Charge will take about 5-6 hours with Wall Socket or Car Socket; 8-10 hours in Sunny day with Solar Panel.

  • 【Package List & Warranty】 1* Portable Power Station, 1*15V/ 2A Charger, 1* user guide; 3-year product warranty with 24/7 friendly customer service.

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Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2021

Size: 250WhVerified Purchase

Customer image

5.0 out of 5 stars

Small and Lightweight. Powerful for its size.

By SadJack on January 29, 2021

As soon as I got my DBPower 250 Wh Power Station, I charged it up. I then tested the various connectors to make sure everything was working properly.
The case appears to be well-built and the controls and connectors are well-placed and easy to use. The power, AC, and DC/USB switches are all recessed to avoid accidental switching. The built-in lights provide adequate lighting for tasks near the Power Station.
Next, I hooked up a lamp with a 60-watt incandescent bulb to the inverter and left it on. Depending on how much power you’re drawing, you will hear the fan go on and off. . . That’s a good thing.
I figured I should get about 4 hours and 10 minutes of run time. It actually ran for 4 hours and 50 minutes. I’m impressed!
I have tried a couple of other Power Boxes and own a larger solar generator, an Inergy Kodiak. I built a battery box in a 30 cal. plastic ammo box in the hopes of making something smaller and lighter. The DBPower Power Station just may replace it.
The capacity of the DBPower Power Station surpassed my DIY box. I just need to make a couple of cables to adapt the 12 volt out to Anderson Power Poles so I can use my Ham Radio. I plan on running more tests with my radios, led lights, and other gear.
This appears to be a great small, light-weight Power Station.
If you don’t need to run a lot of high-drain electronics, this could be for you. The DBPower 250 Wh Power Station run most of your small electronic devices for quite a while. Gather up your devices and look at the fine print which tells the power drain and add it up.
Remember, 250 Watt/Hours means that it will run 250 Watts for 1 hour. You can then estimate: 100 Watts for 2.5 Hours, 50 Watts for 5 Hours, and so on.

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Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2021

Size: 250WhVerified Purchase

Customer image

5.0 out of 5 stars

Compact, Manual AC Power Supply.

By Ronald B Erese on January 24, 2021

Hello, this is a brief review of the DBPower BS 200A.

I purchased this battery supplemental to a larger one, both to be ready for emergencies. The larger unit has dual ac outlets and this unit has a single, which would serve my family’s minimal power needs.

I like this unit for it’s size and set of features at it’s price ($109) . It’s convenient to have access to AC and 3 usb ports around the house without having to look for an outlet, and / or light. It’s handy to keep bedside as well – for topping off my cell phone and for having quick access to a light.

The battery feels solidly built with a good handle. It has non-stick feet on the bottom and has clearly defined buttons and indicators, which remain lit a bright blue while in use. This may be something to consider if light pollution bothers you, but it doesn’t for me.

All functions start by pressing the power button. Functions are then accessed independently/simultaneously.
I recommend powering the unit on before plugging devices in for power. I’ve found delays if you don’t do this.

It would’ve been ideal if the light function was a quick-access feature and you didn’t have to hit the power button first before using it, which is tedious.

The front LED panel lights are useful and bright and accessed by a double-click of the light button.
The side flashlight is accessed by a single click of the light button. Subsequent clicks toggle through a flashing pattern, SOS, then off.

Powering devices in AC and DC/USB mode is self-explanatory and have work normally. I’ve charged several phones via USB and AC ports and have powered an 85 watt fan for over 30 minutes with no problems. An internal cooling fan has come on as needed to keep the unit cool, though I felt nothing to the touch on the outside of the battery. The unit does have 12v DC output, but I didn’t really have an immediate use for this.

Unlike power banks, you do have to turn this device off when no longer in active use or it will lose charge remaining in stand-by mode. You turn it off by disabling the functions that you were using, and then the unit will power down on its own.

The BS200A has met my needs as a light duty portable power supply. However, please heed the technical specifications of the unit and the products you plan to use – it does have limitations. For example, this device may have problems powering refrigerators and other high-current appliances before tripping a fuse / shutting down. It’s rated at 250wH . Also, it does not provide pure sine wave power, which may affect sensitive electronics, such as medical equipment and laser printers. I feel it’s a realistic responsibility for the consumer to have this basic knowledge.

This unit is also a manual power supply. Other than having one smart output on the USB, it’s feature-set is primarily manual. For example, you have to manually stop the recharge cycle when it’s full or you risk overcharging. Also, the device doesn’t have a smart digital display, which is useful for not only displaying how much charge is on the battery, but for estimating how much time you have on the battery for the current power level being used, etc. However, I think that’s okay to not expect at this price point.

In the end, I do recommend the purchase of this battery to anyone in need of a compact AC DC/USB power supply. At the time of this review, it meets regulations for carry on baggage, but you should check with your carrier as well since the regulations are always changing.

In the future, I would like to be able to use this with a solar panel for camping, but that will have to wait till after Covid passes.

Thank you reading / watching this review.

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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2021

Size: 178WhVerified Purchase

Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2021

Size: 250WhVerified Purchase

Customer image

5.0 out of 5 stars

Working well after 4 days

By Becky M on January 30, 2021

I have been using the device for 4 days now and I still have 75% charge left in the power supply. As you can see in the pictures and video I have had multiple devices plugged in to the USB ports and DC ports. Every function I have attempted on the device has worked without fail. When all of the devices that are connected are fully charged, the power supply automatically shuts off. In my opinion, this is a good feature. The unit is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. The two lighting areas produce a decent amount of light, but no different that a typical flashlight. The only con that I have found, is that the unit runs a little bit warm, but not so warm that it would be a concern. Overall, I am happy with this unit and it has not failed in any of the tests I have put it through.

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