Detector Solar Spot Light Motion Sensor Outdoor 22 LED Bright Night Light
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Detector Solar Spot Light Motion Sensor Outdoor 22 LED Bright Night Light

  • 22 separate SMD provide 450 lumens of brightness

  • Battery is charged by an included solar panel with 5M detachable cord

  • Activation time is adjustable between 20 seconds and 60 seconds

  • Adjustable sensitivity of light sensor and PIR sensor

  • Dual rotatable lamp heads allows more flexible light direction and wider light range. weight: 0.55kgs/1.21lbs

Light up your yard, driveway or side of your house. Has dual heads and a compact design. Mount it anywhere with just a screwdriver, no electrician needed. Two heads direct the light where you want it. Light automatically turns on when motion is detected after dusk, for extra safety and security around the house.

Light will not switch on when there is movement in the detection area
Ensure that the power switch on the body has been turned to the ON position
• Ensure that the motion sensor has been positioned to face oncoming movement
• Ensure that the battery has been fully charged in direct sunlight for 3 sunny days for the first use.
• Check to see that the solar panel is not near night time light sources.

Light switches on for no apparent reason
Check for moving trees, traffic or pets.
• Check for reflective objects in the detection area such as windows, water, or white walls.
• Test the motion sensor by covering it completely with cardboard and waiting several minutes to make sure it does not detect motion.

Light quickly flashes on and off or is not bright as normal
Battery charge may be low. Turn the power switch to the OFF position and charge the battery , ensuring the solar panel has been placed in direct sunlight.

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