Does the Sun Joe Pressure Washer Wand Work As Good As it Sounds?

The Sun Joe Pressure Washer is a really nice little tool for cleaning even the toughest of dirt and grease on your driveway or patio. While I’ve never owned one, I have driven many cars with them. And they do a great job of keeping that drive way clean for so long.

sun joe pressure washer wand

You might think that a tool of this size would be bulky and take up a lot of space but really it’s quite simple to use and pack away. The biggest thing you’ll find is that there are only a couple of screws to snap together and there’s no weight limit. It’s just right for the little time I can spare in my busy day to day life. And the power of the motors is something I could live without. It doesn’t seem like much, but it makes a huge difference in cleaning a wide variety of surfaces.

The attachments of the Sun Joe Pressure Washer wand all work at a very low setting and so I can easily use the same tool on my regular mop or broom without having to change the actual device. This means that the power of this little tool can really do its job. And the attachments do a great job too.

There’s a little attachment called the Heat Protectant Bar which will help to protect the steel blades of the pressure washer from getting too hot. This is important because if you use a steel cold pressure washer on a hot driveway, you are going to get a very hot and fast action. That can quickly ruin your paint or asphalt driveway and you don’t want that. I also like how this bar comes already pre-installed. You don’t have to install anything else on the driveway.

Then there’s the rubberized cap that goes around the top of the pressure washer wand. All of the dirt will stick to this cap. If you get the dirt out of the top of the driveway, you won’t have a problem cleaning it up. And if it stays on top of the pressure washer wand, then you’ll be able to see it and take it off pretty easily.

And there’s the built in detergent bottle for even more power in the power tool. I’ve never really used anything else but this one, but it does a great job cleaning the driveway and doing a good job cleaning the metal along with the top layer of soil. It takes a little longer to get it clean than some of the other options, but it works well. When using the Power Magic Ultra, be careful about what you are doing as it can damage your driveway if you use the wrong product.

You can also get a power scrubber that is built into the handle of the Sun Joe Pressure washer. It works very well to get the driveway area clean and it doesn’t take long to clean either. It’s just a lot easier to do when the pressure is released from the washer. This can be a better choice if you want to have something automatic to clean. But you have to remember that automatic means it has to run unless you press a button and it may take a little longer.

All in all, the Sun Joe Pressure washer is a good product to consider purchasing. The cleaning power is good and it is convenient. The ease of use is good as well. And you do get a lot of power to work with and clean a pretty good sized driveway. So if you need a pressure washer to do a good job, but don’t need a lot of power, then the Sun Joe is the right choice for you.

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