Dorm Room Fridges – 2 Door Mini Fridges

When it comes to dorm room fridges, you’ll need a model that fits in the space and has room for the items you need. That’s why you’ll want to pick a mini fridge with two doors, one for the refrigerator and another for the freezer.

A separate freezer compartment can keep foods frozen solid, making it ideal for storing meats and poultry or a supply of frozen dinners. A crisper drawer controls airflow around produce to preserve freshness, and a can rack makes it easy to store tall bottles and cans.

Costway 3.1-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

The Costway 3.1-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator with Freezer is an excellent option for a smaller space like a dorm room. It has two doors, a separate freezer compartment and a removable glass shelf.

It is an Energy Star rated fridge, which makes it easy on your electric bill. It also features a frost-free design that helps to eliminate the formation of ice in the back or bottom of the refrigerator.

Another great feature of this fridge is that it has a crisper drawer for fruits and vegetables to help keep them fresh longer. It also has a glass shelf that can be adjusted for taller items.

The Costway 3.1-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator with Freezer is a great choice for a smaller space, and has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. It has a separate freezer compartment with a door, removable glass shelf and a thermostat to regulate the temperature.

Danby 3.2-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

This 2 door mini fridge has a stylish design and plenty of storage space. It offers 3.2 cubic feet (91 L) of refrigeration, ideal for lunchrooms, dormitories, smaller kitchens and wet bars.

This model by Danby is one of the most popular on the market. It boasts 3.2 cubic feet of cooling capacity and offers superior performance due to its simple manual-defrosting system and precise mechanical thermostat. It also has integrated door shelves and two wire shelves for maximum storage versatility.

It features a CanStor beverage dispenser and has room for larger two-liter bottles. It is Energy Star rated to help save on electricity costs.

It’s counter-high, which is perfect for dorm rooms or bedrooms. It comes with 3.2 cubic feet of storage, a full-width freezer section, and our patented CanStor beverage dispenser. This compact refrigerator is ENERGY STAR rated to help you keep your electricity bills low.

GE 3.2-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

If you’re looking for a small fridge that won’t break your budget, you may want to consider the GE 3.2-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator with Freezer. This Energy Star rated appliance is great for dorms, small apartments, and offices.

The model is quiet at 45 dB, and features reversible door hinges and a space-saving flat back design. It’s also available in white or black and has a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty.

This energy efficient mini fridge is designed to be environmentally friendly, which is important because CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs are destroying the ozone layer. Several manufacturers, including GE, have been able to get the EPA approval to use isobutane instead of HCFCs and HFCs.

It has a crisper drawer to control airflow around fruits and vegetables, allowing them to stay fresher longer. The freezer section also has a built-in can rack to keep bottles and tall items from falling off the shelves. It also has a 12-ounce beverage can dispenser, and an ice tray for drinks and ice cream.

Frigidaire 3.2-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

If you’re looking for a small fridge that will fit in a dorm room, an RV camper or a compact apartment, the Frigidaire 3.2-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator with Freezer is a great choice. It’s Energy Star rated, making it easy on the power bill and has a reversible door that opens from the left or right side.

The 3.2 cubic feet of space in this fridge is ideal for holding all your favorite snacks, beverages and fresh foods. It has a convenient door basket for two-liter bottles and canned drinks.

You can also cool foods to a temperature of 32 degrees or less and make ice cubes in the freezer compartment. The refrigerator’s reversible door is easy to open from the left or right side and its adjustable legs help keep it upright in a variety of spaces.

A mini fridge with a freezer is a better option than one without because frozen foods stay at a steady temperature, which is important for food safety. However, you should avoid models that use thermoelectric technology, which changes the temperature in response to the surrounding air.

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