Dynamic Andora Sauna Review – How It Works

The Dynamic Andora Sauna comes in a compact model and is made of high quality materials. It has the capacity to heat an area of one to two square meters for the user, depending on the model used. This unit is ideal for a person who wants complete relaxation from all the tensions of everyday life. Many users describe this type of sauna as one that invigorates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

dynamic andora sauna

The Sauna is the best home saunas for those looking for an option that offers heat therapy without the discomfort and inconvenience of the hot air exposure. This is also an ideal choice for people who suffer from chronic sinusitis. The Sauna has a variety of therapeutic benefits, such as helping in the relief of respiratory problems, allergies, and even respiratory diseases. Heat therapy and relaxation go hand in hand when using this type of unit.

There are many advantages that can be had with a dynamic andora sauna over other types, and this is why the unit is so popular. The Sauna is the perfect way to achieve both relaxation and cardiovascular health. The following are some of the most popular reasons for using the home sauna:

Heat Therapy: Many users describe the dynamic andora’s heat treatment as unique. This is because the air circulation in the sauna is not like the standard heating units that you would find in most public institutions. The air is ventilated through strategically placed fans. This ventilation helps in maximizing the circulation of air and therefore maximizing the relaxation benefits. This type of system is the most advanced and best available for home saunas.

Light System: The light system in the infrared sauna is also an important characteristic of this amazing piece of equipment. This unique feature allows the user to experience a calming effect even when using the sauna. The lighting system uses low energy blue rays that have been measured and confirmed as effective in relieving stress and improving relaxation. Low energy blue ray bulbs help to preserve the infrared spectrum and limit the negative effects of harmful UV rays. For this reason, the system can be used for hours on end and has no impact on the sauna heater. You can experience a relaxing session and not worry about having to power up your sauna heater.

Carbon Heating Systems: The infrared sauna uses carbon heating panels which are custom-designed for carbon based heating. The carbon panels absorb the infrared energy and transform it into heat through convection. The carbon heating panels are very lightweight so that they can be easily carried by the user. The system does not emit any form of carbon dust, making it a healthy choice for your home.

Heated towel: In addition to using low emf emitting carbon heating panels, the Dynamic Andora also utilizes specially designed heated towels. These towels are available in many colors and are known to help reduce stress and to increase your overall blood circulation. These heated towels do not absorb any heat from the sauna and are great for people who have sore muscles. Another health benefit from using heated towel is that it is gentle on your skin. Many individuals experience redness, irritation and itching in their skin after using traditional towel heaters. However, the dry heat of the towel does not leave you with these problems.

Easy Installation: The infrared sauna works perfectly with a pre-wired remote control. This enables you to easily set the temperature levels and to also customize the heat delivery rate. With the high quality construction and state-of-the-art technology inside the unit, the user will experience a relaxing session that will help them to release stress and eliminate tension related symptoms. When used with the Proform dynamic andora heater, the sauna will allow the individual to experience an outstanding relaxing session in little to no time. The sauna heats up quickly and provides a wonderful warm feeling to the body.

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