ELEGEEK 50W Portable High Efficiency Solar Panel Charger Built in icGEEK Fast Charge with USB (5V) + DC (12V) Output (80W 5V/18V)
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ELEGEEK 50W Portable High Efficiency Solar Panel Charger Built in icGEEK Fast Charge with USB (5V) + DC (12V) Output (80W 5V/18V)

  • Exclusive icGEEK™: Detect your device automatically, and offer a best charging current intelligently, achieve fast charging and prolong your device lifespan. Equipped with VOLTAGE REGULATOR to ensure stability. The only minus of free sunlight is not stable, solar panel powered by unstable sunlight leads to untable current and voltage, which will shorten device’s life or even damage it. ELEGEEK solar panel with VOLTAGE REGULATOR keeps our device getting stable current and prolong its life.

  • SUNPOWER High-Efficiency Solar Panel: Use top brand SUNPOWER high efficiency solar panel from USA, with top quality and efficiency, offers 17%-24% efficiency. Compared to normal monocrystalline silicon panel with about 17% energy transfer rate, “Sunpower” High Efficiency solar panel from USA is over 24% energy transfer rate reaches WORLD TOP level, in this way, your charging process is faster and more convenient.

  • Foldable and Highly Portable Design: Unfold to 138*30cm while folded only 30*30cm, you can folded into a handbag with a handle and carry it easily.

  • Dual Output: 12V DC output with large power compatible to battery chargers of your E-cigrette, some laptops, and most of your 12 devices. 5V USB output compatible your cellphone including iphone and android phones, and competible to most of your 5V devices like cameras, PSP, MP4 etc.

  • Rugged Quality: Designed for outdoor use, works perfectly in good sunlight, good condition in cloudy days, but not support rainy days or heavy cloudy days. PET laminated solar panels with high-wear PVC fabric, ensures waterproof(Not the output ports) and weather-resistant durability.

Color:80W 5V/18V

ELEGEEK on your way. ​ELEGEEK is a registered brand and company with research & design offers close contact and service to buyers.
Specifications Solar panels: 52W(Max) USB Output: 5V 2.1A(Max) DC Output: 12V 3.46A(Max) Folded Size: 30*30*5.5cm Unfolded Size: 138*30*2cm Net weight: 1228g/2.707lb/43.32oz Built-in output voltage regulator Package Contents: 1*ELEGEEK Folding Solar Panel, 1*User manual, 1*DC cable, 1 set*Socket adapter for laptops. Warranty ELEGEEK brand solar panel charger come with 12 months warranty from the date of purchase(NOT include Accessories).It will be out of guarantee if damaged due to incorrectly use or force majeure. FAQ & Solutions Will the 2A output damage my device if it needs an input current of 1A? 2A is only the charging speed, the current output will never exceed the maximum current output that your device is designed for. How do I check my device’s input current and voltage? ​Please refer to your device’s user manual, original charging adapter, or contact the manufacturer directly to confirm this information. Why ELEGEEK solar panel not charge my device? ​Please confirm the input current and voltage requirements of your device fall within the accepted range. Heavy cloudy weather, indirect sunlight may be too weak to power up, try placing the solar panel in more direct sunlight or wait for the weather to clear. ​If it is partially cloudy, can I still charge my device with ELEGEEK solar panel? ​Yes, but the charging efficiency will be lower, and the charging time will be prolonged. Can I use this solar panel to charge ELEGEEK external battery? ​Yes, but be sure NOT TO place the battery and your device in direct sunlight, instead, place it in shade created by the solar panel.

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Color:80W 5V/18V

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