#3: Eminent French Press – 304 Stainless Steel French Press, 1L 34oz Coffee Press FDA Approved. Food Grade Frame & Lid, German Glass, Press Coffee Maker Tea Press with Professional Grade Screen Heatable
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Eminent French Press - 304 Stainless Steel French Press, 1L 34oz Coffee Press FDA Approved. Food Grade Frame & Lid, German Glass, Press Coffee Maker Tea Press with Professional Grade Screen Heatable


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  • PERFECT FILTER TO GIVE INDELIBLE FLAVOR. Perfected French press coffee with its unique TWO-FILTER SYSTEM and A SECONDARY FILTER at the lid that yields a richly flavored, grit-free cup every time! This affordably priced French press combines super-durable GERMAN BOROSILICATE GLASS with a Chrome Plated frame and lid. The French press uses two filters, the first 8-times finer and the second 13-times finer than other French press, microfiltering the coffee twice.

  • FDA-APPROVED DURABLE FOOD GRADE MATERIAL. A best selling not only for their gorgeous looks! This French press is of exceptional durability that stands up to everyday use, featuring #304 STAINLESS STEEL and DOUBLE GERMANY CARAFE which is MADE IN GERMANY. This new generation glass is 40% thicker than glass on standard French press which can resists chips, stains and scratches. The Germany-made carafe has a heat Resistant Up To 392 Fahrenheit. It’s FDA certificated as a food grade premium quality!

  • MODERN DESIGN & SIMPLY TO USE AND WASH. VIVREAL French press has a modern and eye-catching design, making the best coffee today. The top plunger button is big which makes it easy to depress without hurting your hand. Best try if you are busy, coarse residue can be screened perfectly, giving your a pure taste. What’s more, all parts are DISHWASHER-SAFE. Now that your refreshment is ready, sit back, embrace the sun, and start planning what you’ll do on this fine day!

  • MULTIPUPORSE to Satisfy all your needs! 1)This French press coffee maker is suitable for outdoor camping and travel since it is PORTABLE and HEATABLE! sit around a campfire at night, enjoy a cup of coffee! 2)The French Press coffee maker can also be used to steep loose tea leaves. Designed to be wonderfully versatile, used for Iced tea, espresso beverages, frothed milk, lemonades, hot chocolate, fruit infusions, milk, plant tinctures, rinse quinoa.

  • YOUR INVESTMENT IS FULLY GUARANTEED. We are confident that our French presses are manufactured under strict quality standards to give our customers best experience. VIVREAL is a professional brand providing Home apllicance and famous of after-sales service. For any problems, you can contact us and we will reply you immediately to solve all of your worries. In addition, we offer a FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY without any costs from your side and LIFETIME WARRANTY, totally no risk for you!

Made of GERMAN BOROSILICATE GLASS and A LEVEL 304 STAINLESS STEEL materials which are entirely taste-free so that nothing interfers with the coffee grounds. FDA approval and Food Grade plunger and lid of this coffee press eliminates any harmful ingredients! The refined stainless stain spring of the plunger protects the glass from breaking and craking by false press which may occur on other products. Your coffee also stays hot longer with the helo of chrome plated and food Grade Lid!

The product is FDA certificated as a food grade high premium quality. Two extra REPLACEMENT SCREENS included. Chrome Plated frame and lid that is BPS / BPA FREE eliminate the possibility that chemicals comes in your hot coffee or tea while steeping.

With our French press, you drink the coffee the way it is meant to be drunk without impurities.Micro-filter separates grounds from brewed coffee – no overbrewed bitterness or grit. Using our French press with special filtering system means that everything except the ground coffee is in the cup. You taste all the flavors, which adds to the experience.

Just heat water to the optimal brewing temperature, then pour over coarsely ground beans into the French press and allow the coffee to steep. As you push down on the plunger, the press filters out the coffee grounds, producing a full-bodied brew with rich flavor and aroma. This French press can also be used as tea press, tea maker, coffee maker.

If you enjoy flavorful coffee from a French press and you’re on the go, this is a must have! It is a genuinely elegant product and sits well in any modern kitchen. It is also A BEST GIFT FOR YOUR FAMILIES and FRIENDS. The premium packaging means it is also sutible to be sent as a gift!

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