Feel Free FeelFree Lure II Tandem Kayak

Feel Free FeelFree Lure II Tandem Kayak
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Feel Free FeelFree Lure II Tandem Kayak - Lime Camo

The FeelFree Lure II Tandem is an exciting new compliment to the Lure Series of Kayaks. Based on the same amazing comfort, stability and versatility anglers demand out of a kayak – only x 2!! With 2 complete cockpits featuring sonar pods, standing platform and patented Gravity Seats – the Lure II cuts no corners to offer the best for 2 anglers. Molded-in handles, wheel in keel, rear storage for crate or cooler, uni-track system, rear rod holders are all standard features. Additionally, you can add the OverDrive Pedal and/or motor to the rear seating position, while using the front sonar pod for depth/fish finder – you now have a serious fishing machine.

The Lure II is also designed as a Solo Kayak from the rear seat position – with a multitude of options. In the solo position, you can remove the front Gravity Seat – providing even more room for standing and storage – add a stand up bar and overdrive, and your Lure II replaces a garage full of boat! Stand, sit high, sit low, 1 or 2 anglers, pedal, paddle, motor and go fishing … the Lure II will be the one boat that can truly replace them all.


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