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Fire Tracks Limited Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 4 Packs, Electronic Indoor Plug in for Insects, Mice,Ant, Mosquito, Spider, Rodent, Roach, Mosquito Repellent for Children and Pets' Safe

Color:4 Pack

[Newest Technology]: With the latest pest ultrasonic and Electro Magnetics technology, each pest device repeller plug in uses electromagnetic and ultrasonic sound waves disturbing their central nervous systems, mice, mouse, rats, spiders, fleas, roaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes have nowhere to hide and they will be repelled .

[Wide Effective Coverage]: This Pest rejects is effective for an area up to 800~1600 Square Feet. Please note that ultrasonic waves can¡¯t travel through walls and solid stuff. Installing one mice repellent in one room is recommended.

[Easy Usage and effective]: It works plugging the pest electric repellent into the socket and the breath light starts to work with flicker. Pests will be repelled and drove away within 3-4 week with using this pest repellent. Make sure that there are no barriers like curtains or cabinets covering in front of the pest device repeller for a perfect effect.

[Environmental Friendly]: This ultrasonic pest repellent is only audible to pests. Humans and pets won¡¯t be effected, and there is no harm to pregnant women and children. But if you keep hamster as a pet in your house, please use it carefully.

Caution: moisture proof, waterproof

Don’t clean the machine by strong impregnant, water or damp cloth. Use dry and soft cloth with some neuter wash to clean the machine

Don’t drop the machine and make strong striking on it.

Using environment temperature:0-40Centigrade.

Package Include:

4 X Pest Repeller

Product information

Color:4 Pack

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