Flatware set by OLINDA 18/10 Stainless Steel Silverware sets Restaurant Quality at great value Heavy duty tableware set 20 piece spoons and forks set, Alev
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Flatware set by OLINDA 18/10 Stainless Steel Silverware sets Restaurant Quality at great value Heavy duty tableware set 20 piece spoons and forks set, Alev


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  • REAL STAINLESS STEEL: 18/10 Stainless Steel is REAL Stainless Steel. If it is not 18/10, it will rust. The dinner knives in almost all of the flatware sets advertised as 18/10 is made of 420 Steel, not 18/10, which also rusts easily. Each and every piece in Olinda Silverware sets is made of 18/10 and will never rust including the dinner knives

  • EXCLUSIVE STYLE : Buy the privilege of owning a flatware set which differs from the others with its unique style and exclusive pattern. The exclusive pattern is engraved to the handle of these modern but elegant flatware sets with a special technique and this gives a sophisticated look to your modern flatware . It keeps luster for long years. These modern silverware sets will bring joy to your dining tables. Suitable for both daily and formal use. Own 5 star hotel quality at a great value

  • SERVICE FOR 4: Your 20 pcs Stainless Steel silverware sets includes: 4 Table Knives, 4 Table Spoons, 4 Tea Spoons, 4 Table Forks, 4 Salad/Dessert Forks

  • MADE IN EUROPE ! European Quality at your dinner tables. This is a totally classy flatware set with 4 star restaurant quality which combines the classic and the modern look . You will definitely love it ! Luxury silverware at great value. Unlike cheaply made flatware No Bending, No Warping, No Rusting. Real Stainless Steel Sturdy Heavy duty Silverware set




OLINDA have been manufacturing Stainless Steel Kitchenware for more than 30 years, mainly for European countries. We are now proud to present our 30 years experience and Exclusive Flatware styles overseas. We design exclusive styles and patterns for our flatware and silverware sets.

What Does 18/10 Mean?
An 18/10 flatware set contains stainless steel made from 16%-18% chromium and 8%-10% nickel. These are the top quality industry standards for stainless steel used in making flatware. As steel is an alloy of iron. If- other elements such as Chrome and Nickel are not added to make it “stainless steel” it too is prone to rusting. -. Staining and rusting are prevented by the formation of a chromium oxide layer on the surface of the steel. Nickel also plays a key role in the long term prevention of corrosion and promotes long lasting luster. This is why 18-10 ratios for chromium and nickel are chosen for stainless steel flatware of the highest quality.
Is 18/0 Flatware High Quality?

The short answer is no. The result of low quality 18/0 stainless steel flatware is a tendency to dull and loose it’s luster early. There are several easy ways to determine whether your flatware is 18/0. The first is to see if the piece sticks to a magnet. If you can lift the spoon or fork with a magnet then it is likely 18-0 or some lower grade of stainless steel. A second is to see where it is made..’ The majority of cheap flatware are made in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.. To keep costs down most overseas production is made with the cheaper 18-0 grade of stainless. Consumer reviews of such low grade products often point to early pitting and staining after only a few washes.

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