Foam Party Super E Foam Machine

Foam Party Super E Foam Machine
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Foam Party Super E Foam Machine


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Foam Machine creates foam for a foam party quickly and efficiently and safely

  • Sets up and creates foam in under 5 minutes because it’s energy efficient and only weighs 13 pounds

  • Arrives in one box and comes with everything needed to function including foam for a party

  • Requires 1 electrical plug; no stand included; it takes 1.8 amps of power to make a mountain of foam

  • Hanging bracket and hose come with the foam fan and makes it easy to hang and operate anywhere

This foam machine creates a pile of bubbles in the yard for kids to play in. It works great in warm weather. The bubbles get participants wet because of their water base. It comes with it’s own hanging bracket attached. It comes with 2 hoses. At 13 pounds it’s easy to hang from your patio roof or a tree or a stand that you provide. Because of this unit’s efficient design and low wattage you receive a high foam output nearly equal to heavier and inefficient flat blade foam generators. The pile of bubble foam appears within seconds of turning the machine on and attaching it to a water source. This machine functions well and makes a foam party memorable. Provide your own stand. This machine works with the foam powder pack that comes in the box. You can always buy more foam powder packs to make more foam. This machine also works with your own homemade bubble bath/ hair gel solution. You will realize that the foam powder packs save you money and work better. There is almost no assembly required. Because of it’s light weight; be confident in purchasing this safe, light weight, low energy use foam making machine. The efficient design wastes no ir like flat blade foam fans. Common sense tells you that the resistance caused by the foam sock and foam water solution push the air out the sides of the flat blade fans. When using the squirrel cage fan all of the air is pushed right out the front and through the sock. This allows for a smaller motor and a 1/4 electricity draw.

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