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FoxFarm Performance Pack Complete Nutrient Kit – Extra Large
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FoxFarm Performance Pack Complete Nutrient Kit - Extra Large


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Make sure to purchase with Goldleaf Hydroponics to insure you get EXACTLY what you see here and for warranty Support Long After Purchase!!

  • A complete nutrient kit for soil or hydroponics.

  • Grow superior quality crops with this organic, calcium based nutrient kit.

  • Includes Grow Big , Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, Cha Ching, Open Sesame and Beastie Bloomz

  • Also included is Sledgehammer, Kelp Me Kelp You, Wholly Mackerel, Bembe, Flower Kiss, Kangaroots, Boomerang and Microbe Brew

Foxfarm liquid fertilizers are unique one-part nutrients with complete macro and micro-nutrient formulations, and are a perfect blend of organic and mineral based fertilizers. The application rates are for general use of one single product, while the feeding schedule rates are for frequent fertilizations with multiple fertilizers and are much lower doses. Always refer to the Feeding Schedule for correct fertilizer application.

Our soluble fertilizers (water crystal formation) are easily mixed into water to encourage robust flowering. Any flowering stimulant is a fertilizer additive or supplement that has higher-than-normal amounts of phosphorus and/or potassium as well as other trace minerals.

The goal is weight gain in fruit and flowering crops. Other benefits can include but are not limited to larger fruit/flower, earlier ripening, fruit swelling, flower crowning, accelerated finishing, heavy essential oil production, vibrant colors, complex smells, amplified enzyme and chlorophyll production, and overall better plant performance.

This nutrient kit includes the following components:
Grow Big, 5 gal
Big Bloom, 5 gal
Tiger Bloom, 5 gal
Flowers Kiss, gal
Boomerang, gal
Kangaroots, gal
Microbe Brew, gal
Wholly Mackerel, gal
Kelp Me Kelp You, gal
Bembe, gal
Open Sesame, 2 lb
Beastie Bloomz, 2 lb
Cha Ching, 2 lb
Sledgehammer, gal

Goldleaf has a full-time staff ready to assist you with the installation of all these components! When you purchase any Goldleaf Hydroponics complete kit or combo package through Amazon, you also get a lifetime Frequent Farmer Gold (FFG) membership card entitling you to 10% off all regularly priced items when purchased direct. You have access to unlimited free garden support from Monday-Saturday 10-7 EST by calling us. We are here for you.

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