Frigidaire 6 Can Mini Fridge Reviews

frigidaire 6 can mini fridge reviews

If you’re on a budget and want a compact refrigerator, the Frigidaire 6 can mini fridge is a great choice. It can hold up to six cans of your favorite beverages, and comes with a car charger. It’s perfect for home offices, dorm rooms, and camping trips.


The Frigidaire 6-Can Retro Portable Refrigerator features a retro-style design and can hold up to six standard beverage cans and four 1L bottles. Its thermoelectric cooling system keeps food and drinks cold at optimal temperatures. Its lightweight design and space-saving design makes it perfect for almost any setting. Its 4.2-cubic-foot capacity and removable shelf make it a great addition to any home or office. It’s even small enough to be carried in your car with the included 12V power adapter.

The Frigidaire 6-Can Retro Mini Personal Beverage Refrigerator is the ideal size for storing a variety of snacks and beverages. Its retro style fits in with any decor and is perfect for dorm rooms, office settings, RVs, and more.


If you want a retro style fridge that can fit in a small space, the Frigidaire portable retro six can mini fridge is just the thing. This compact unit is perfect for keeping drinks, snacks, and small meals cool, and is available in five fun colors. It can be plugged into a home outlet or charged from a 12-volt car charger. Its retro design will add a retro flair to any space, whether it’s a dorm room, office, or RV.

The frigidaire retro mini fridge is available for around $30, which is an incredible price for a high-quality appliance. This unit can accommodate up to six cans and comes with a car charger. It’s perfect for camping trips, dorms, or home offices.

Energy efficiency

If you are planning to buy a mini fridge, you should consider energy efficiency. The average residential electricity rate is around 27 cents per kWh in summer and 23 cents per kWh in winter, respectively. The next price tier is around 40 cents and 47 cents per kWh, respectively. This is higher than the national average of 13 cents. You can find a breakdown of the relative costs of electricity across the country at the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Mini fridges also have a small footprint, which means they use less energy. For instance, one full-sized refrigerator occupies about 23 cubic feet of space, whereas a six-can mini fridge uses only three cubic feet.


This mini fridge from Frigidaire is designed to hold up to six cans of beverages and comes with a car charger. This makes it an ideal choice for camping trips, home offices, and dorm rooms. It is portable and easy to place on a bookshelf or desk.

A retro design gives this 6-can personal beverage refrigerator a vintage flair. It has the ability to cool beverages, snacks, and even skin care products down to between 27 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the capacity. It also boasts a quiet motor and thermoelectric cooling to keep contents cold. It is compact enough to fit on a desk and even fits in a vehicle, thanks to its included 12V power adapter.


A six-can mini fridge by Frigidaire is a great option for people who need a smaller refrigerator but still want to keep some beverages cold. This compact refrigerator features two shelves and a see-through window that makes it easy to monitor what’s inside. It also features a retro logo that evokes a nostalgic feel. It is available in a variety of colors and can be easily plugged into a standard electrical outlet or a 12V car adapter.

You can take this fridge with you when you travel, and it will keep your drinks and snacks cold. Its retro design will match any decor. It is the perfect size for a bedroom, dorm room, or office, and is even great for RVs.

Storage capacity

The Frigidaire 6-Can Mini Retro Beverage Fridge is an excellent option for a small kitchen. The 14-cubic-foot model can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a drink cooler or skincare refrigerator. Another option is the Sunbeam 1.7-Cubic-Feet Mini Fridge, which measures under 20 inches in width. It also features a freezer compartment and adjustable shelves. The flexible design also allows it to keep foods at the right temperature.

The Frigidaire 6 Can Mini Fridge is a great choice for small homes and apartments. It has six cans of storage space and a car charger for convenient use. It’s also great for home offices or dorm rooms. Its retro design and robust technology allow it to cool down to between 27-36 degrees below the ambient room temperature.

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