Gardening Solutions Hydro Globes Automatic Watering Bulbs, 4 Piece Deluxe Set
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Gardening Solutions Hydro Globes Automatic Watering Bulbs, 4 Piece Deluxe Set


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  • ENHANCE YOUR PLANTS – House plant watering balls keep plants healthy while delivering the perfect amount of water. The soil draws moisture from the glass globe as it is needed.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE – Automatically water the plants indoors or out in your garden, home, office or school. Water globes for work take the hassle out of remembering to feed your greenery, saving time and helping you stay productive.

  • RADIANT COLORS – Each hand-blown glass orb is distinctive. Colors may vary, with translucent blue, red, orange and turquoise swirled into unique patterns.

  • CAREFULLY PACKAGED – These garden accessories are wrapped in Styrofoam for added protection during shipping. Just unbox them and start using each auto dispenser right away.

  • MAKE GREAT GIFTS – These watering bulbs make ideal gifts for gardeners or anyone with or without a green thumb. House plant watering balls are a thoughtful present that make life easier for everyone.

Item Package Quantity:4



Worry-free, self-watering stakes are as decorative as they are functional. Never overwater your plants again whether you’re home or away on vacation. Set it and forget it with these vibrant glass plant watering globes while beautifying your space with assorted colors that catch the light. Self watering globes add beauty to any houseplant or flower pot. Plus, you’ll never forget to water your flowers again when you use these indoor/outdoor feeder spikes. Mini watering globes work in small pots or hanging flowers. Big plant watering globes pack fit large pots and entire garden systems.

See images above to see how easy our hand blown stained-glass watering bulbs are to use.

– Fill each watering globe with water, firmly stick it into your potted plant, and you’re finished.

– Decorate your garden with genuine hand-blown aqua globes – each one is unique!

– Can be used with just about any potted plants or garden irrigation system.

– Water globes are shipped in Styrofoam packaging, which ensures that the delicate glass will remain intact on its way to you.

– Select from two different sizes: REGULAR Plant Watering Devices

– 12 inches long total. Ball is 2.7 inches in diameter; stem is 8 inches long. Holds 15-20 oz of water. MINI GLOBE – 8 inches long total. Ball is 2.7 inches in diameter; stem is 5 inches long. Small globe holds 6 oz. of water.

– Results may vary due to different conditions, soil or plant types. Gardening Solutions cannot guarantee or warrant any specific outcomes.

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Item Package Quantity:4



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September 14, 2017

Item Package Quantity: 4|Size: Mini|Verified Purchase

Used to see a lot of commercials for these and always thought they were pretty. Now that I have a bunch of indoor plants, I decided to get some when I was headed on vacation. They work great! I was glad to see all of my plants alive and well when I came back. These water perfectly as needed so I don’t have to hover over my plants to check on them every other day. I’m paranoid about killing plants (the joke is I have a black thumb since I haven’t always had the best luck with gardening) but these made it so simple. You can’t under or over water with these, which helps a LOT!

From an aesthetic point, these are beautiful decorations as well. When the sunlight hits them, they cast colorful shadows on the floor and walls. I just love them!

October 18, 2017

Verified Purchase

I am extremely disappointed in these Hydro Globes. They are fussy and don’t work well. I bought them because we are away a lot in the summer, for a week at a time, and I wanted to keep my two window boxes watered for as much of the week as possible. The first issue I encountered repeatedly is that it’s hard to fill them. I couldn’t do it outside from the hose or the spigot. The opening is so narrow that I had to use the kitchen sink and have just a tiny bit of water coming out. If too much water was coming out of the faucet, it would splash all over and not go inside the globe. So filling them was a pain. The next issue was that I would push them down into the soil, go away for a week, and more than half of the time when I came back the globe was still full of water. The narrow stem filled with dirt as I pushed it into the soil, and that acted as a plug. The water wouldn’t drain out. Half the time I couldn’t dislodge the plug without bringing it inside and poking at the soil while also running warm water into it. Some of the time it worked, but too much of the time it didn’t. Very frustrating.

December 26, 2017

Verified Purchase

I gave these items 2 stars solely based on their appearance. I ordered 2 sets (6 individual globes) because I’ve purchased other brands in the past that I’ve had mixed success with, and I hoped that I’d find at least 3 functional globes from the 6 that I received. However, I had no such luck. I placed these in 4 pots, each of which had been adequately watered beforehand and had different soils, and 5 were drained in less than 24 hours, with the 6th so clogged with soil that I can only assume it’ll be like the others. I wasn’t surprised though, because these would begin draining as soon as I flipped them over after filling them. I gave 2 stars because they were packed appropriately and are nice to look at. I’ll use them for decoration in my larger planters, but these did not work for me.

September 1, 2016

Verified Purchase

The Gardening Solutions Hydro Globes Automatic Watering Bulbs, 3 Piece Deluxe Set, work perfectly, and are even more beautiful than the pictures. They’re super quality and the colors are gorgeous. Super easy to fill and use. I tried it for a few days, and watched the water level slowly drop. My plant looks great, and I’d have no problem leaving my plants unattended with one of these. Did I mention they were beautiful?! Looks great in my plant, very decorative. They work as good as they look. Very happy with this purchase

July 31, 2017

Verified Purchase

I had never used these globes before but I took a chance because I was going to be away for two weeks and needed something. They seemed easy to use, but I got mixed results. One worked perfectly, almost all the water was gone, another still had about a third or more water left. Another had half left and one was still full. Apparently the opening was a little larger on the last one and it filled with potting soil and kept the water in the globe. After I cleared the blockage, all the water came out right away and flooded the plant. I will try again sometime, but I am somewhat disappointed right now.

January 22, 2018

Verified Purchase

These globes are really pretty, but they don’t work. I bought them to use on three large plants at work that require constant watering but when I went to check on the plants a few days after putting the globes in, the globes were still full of water and the soil was dry. After months now of the same experience, I realize that, when you put the globe, full of water, into the soil, the soil IN the whole at the end of the pipe gets wet and then dries, creating a plug that prevents any water from getting out. I can’t really recommend them, even though I really wanted to like them.

May 30, 2017

Item Package Quantity: 4|Size: Mini|Verified Purchase

The globes were quite pretty, but very flimsy. The first one that I tried to insert into fresh soil of a planter ( I poked a hole with a stick first to make an opening in the soil) broke off in two where the stem meets the globe. They are clearly not worth the money. I’ve bought a similar product in the Dollar Store that worked better.

May 24, 2017

Item Package Quantity: 2|Size: Mini|Verified Purchase

Very pretty watering globes! Not too thin or fragile. One is a more solid blue color and the other globe is mixed with lighter blue and red. I love that I can think about watering less and that these globes slowly release water over time. Just make sure you stick the globe in deep enough so it stays in place. Besides being functional, they are very beautiful to look at as decoration pieces.