GBGS Backyard Led Flood Light 50W 4,500 LM 6500K, Waterproof IP66, Outdoor Security Garden Porch Lights for Barn, Garage, Warehouse, Driveway
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GBGS Backyard Led Flood Light 50W 4,500 LM 6500K, Waterproof IP66, Outdoor Security Garden Porch Lights for Barn, Garage, Warehouse, Driveway


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Ultra-Thin Garden LED Flood Light(1.5’’ thickness)—Much beautiful and cool than your neighbors’ lamps!

  • 50W Outdoor LED Flood Light turns dark corner into DAYTIME—4,500 lumen+120 beam angle+wide lighting coverage

  • IP66 Waterproof—Great product sealing technology, perfect for outdoor or indoor using

  • Die-Cast Aluminum Housing—Strengthen heat dissipation and extend the life span of this flood light

  • Metal Bracket—It can be ceiling-mounted, and ground-mounted. Put any places you need

Backyard Led Flood Light 50W 4,500 LM 6500K, Waterproof IP66, Outdoor Security Garden Porch Lights for Barn, Garage, Warehouse, Driveway

Lumen: 4,500
Input Voltage: AC 100V-265V
Color Temp: 6500K
Beam Angle: 120 degree
Waterproof: IP66
LED: 100 pieces
Ra: 70
Material: die-cast aluminum
Length of the power cable: 50cm/19.69inches
Product Dimensions: 27.5*20*4 cm/ 10.8*7.8*1.5 inches
Package Dimensions: 28.6*21.5*5.5cm/ 11.3*8.5*2.2 inches
Gross Weight/unit: 1725 g/3.8 pounds

1 x Floodlight
1 x Manual

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Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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March 16, 2015

Size: 50W-Grey|Verified Purchase

They are much larger and better quality than expected at this price. I use these at my buisness to light up a 8 foot X10 foot banner on each end of the building. The replaced 300 watt halogens and are a much better choice. Wide beam also.

review imagereview image

April 30, 2015

Size: 50W-Grey|Verified Purchase

These lights were great for the price, but a year and a half, one of the two units I bought had the LED driver die. I haven’t opened it up yet to see what the cause of failure was (usually either heat damage or moisture damage), but it did put out a tremendous amount of light while it worked.

I’ll rip it apart and do a post-mortem if anyone is interested.


After having difficulties with my old halogen flood lights in the backyard, I decided it was time to see if there were any decent LED flood lights on the market. Lo and behold, I found these. It seemed a bit lacking in technical detail, but I decided that the lumen output vs the cost made sense and purchased two of the 50 watt floods.

Oh. My. They are bright! The light is a bit on the cold side, but the detail I can pick out from my backyard now is impressive. If you need new floods, get these!

review imagereview image

April 19, 2016

Size: 50W-Grey|Verified Purchase

Update again on June 26, 2016:
My original 2-star review was published on Apr. 19 right after I sent an email to the seller Worldtrend. I updated the review on Apr. 27, stating that I sent an email to the seller but haven’t received a reply.
The seller contacted me on Jun. 7 (that’s 7 weeks after my email), apologizing and asking me if I would accept a new one even though I never asked for it. I said yes, the new unit was delivered in a week or so, and it’s working as it should.
So I’m upgrading my rating to 4 stars. I appreciate that they responded and that they stand behind their products. I’m not quite giving them 5 stars, as 7 weeks is a long time to respond to an inquiry.

Following is my original review.
This was really bright and nice when it worked, that’s what my two stars are for.
I installed two of these in my basement in Feb. 2015 and they worked great. Fast forward to Apr. 2016 and one of the units failed, now all it does is flashing, i.e. infinite loop of on-off-on-off with maybe 1 second period. Seems to me that the LEDs themselves are fine but the driver electronics is kaput.
I’m out of 1 year warranty window, but come on, I also have halogen lamps older than these guys in the same basement, and they’re turned on/off at the same time as these guys, and halogens are still fine!
I would be happy to pay a reasonable fee to repair or replacement, but I cannot find their phone number nor email address.

Update on Apr 27 2016:
I sent an email on Apr 19 to the seller Worldtrend (the only seller of this product on Amazon) to ask if they represent the manufacturer or if they know the manufacturer’s contact address. No answer as of today.

October 24, 2016

Size: 50W-Grey|Verified Purchase

I purchased and installed four (4) outdoor lights a year ago last May. About a month ago, after a very hard rain, one of those lights did not come on. I assumed there was a problem with the installation and called my electrician. He had installed a box next to that light and we both thought the box took in moisture or water.

My electrician checked the light itself and it did not appear to have any moisture inside; but neither did the box. We flipped the switch on and he checked for power and it was going into the box and then into light — but the light would not come on. We decided not to open up the sealed light in case that would void the warranty.

I contacted them, and they immediately sent me another light even though I was 2 months past the warranty period — it arrived within 2 days! They didn’t ask me to return the bad light. We installed the new light and I’m back in business.

I’m impressed with these lights; each illuminates a rather large area. They are very well made and substantial (not cheap). My problem was probably a defective bulb (a fluke).

Customer service was beyond great – which means they stand behind their product. Without hesitation I would purchase these again, or even another product from this company due to the quality of the product and the responsiveness of their customer service representatives.

December 3, 2015

Size: 50W-Grey|Verified Purchase

Gives off good light, but as stated in other reviews I took them apart and found the ground wires not connected on all 4 lights I purchased. I connected the grounds to the chassis and installed them. They have been working good for a few months. Time will see how long they last.

Update….. After a year and a half all four lights have failed and stopped working. Led’s are supposed to be good for 30, 40 years but not these lights.

November 13, 2015

Size: 200W|Verified Purchase

WOW!!! Super bright and easy to install! I bought it to replace a 100W halogen spot that lit up my driveway. This is 10 times brighter and better lighting. Makes the entire area like daylight and easy to work in the driveway at night now. Love this light, thinking of installing in other places around the home outside. Just don’t point it at your neighbors home, they will be blinded! 🙂

September 12, 2017

Size: 50W-Grey|Verified Purchase

In less than a year this light malfunctioned. It simply flickers on and off. It has been useless, but since it is mounted at the apex of the second floor roof above the garage, it is inconvenient to remove it easily. Mounting was more difficult but I expected it to last a long time.

February 12, 2016

Size: 200W|Verified Purchase

Extraordinarily bright light, turns the area behind my barn into daytime.
Heavy duty construction though I thought the mounting bracket could be improved upon.
And please lose the giant 100W insignia. Of course it is amazing that this much light can come out
of a device that uses what we all knew to be a 100 watt lightbulb.
Long term life unknown, but sturdy construction suggests commercial quality.
When the halide bulb above my barn finally burns out, it will be replaced with one of these and probably use
a fraction of the electricity.
Better mount it up high, too bright to be close to someone’s eyes.