Glass Door Fridges For Upright Kitchens

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A glass door upright fridge offers many benefits when it comes to storage. You can see what is inside without opening the door, which can save you money and energy. Plus, you can stack items inside the fridge to save space. Its sleek design will compliment any kitchen decor. And, a glass door upright fridge is also easier to clean than one with a plastic door.


If you’re in the market for a new fridge, an Atosa glass door fridge might be the best option. Atosa fridges are known for their great quality and value. They’re compact and come with dual action doors that keep the interior cool and the outside cold. They also feature solid stainless doors and a clean, minimalist style.

The Atosa MCF8707 is a 54″ glass door fridge that provides ample storage space. Its stainless steel construction means it will stand up to long periods of use. It also comes with adjustable shelves and a self-closing door. It also features an impressive two-year warranty on parts and labour.


Westinghouse is a strong competitor in the low-priced fridge market. The brand is renowned for its reliable construction and user-friendly design. It is important to spend time comparing different models in the Westinghouse range before purchasing. There are many features and internal layouts to consider, which will make a difference in your decision. However, this brand is not a high-end product and may not be the best choice for your kitchen.

Westinghouse’s FlexSpace range redefines the refrigerator size by offering flexible storage options. These fridges feature adjustable glass shelving so you can rearrange the shelves to accommodate different shapes and sizes of food. They have enough room to store ingredients, leftovers, desserts, and pre-prepared meals. Added to this, the reversible doors of Westinghouse fridges make it easy to rearrange the contents within the fridge.

Atosa Australia

Atosa is a global brand that manufactures commercial refrigeration equipment. Their units are made of high grade stainless steel and are designed to take up less usable space. As such, they help to reduce construction waste and costs. They also offer a four-year parts warranty on their entire range. Moreover, they undergo a series of rigorous tests to ensure that they are of the highest quality. These tests include computer refrigerant charging, vacuum decay checks, vibration & noise level monitoring, and temperature accuracy analysis.

In addition, Atosa refrigerators are made with high quality European components. They also feature a user-friendly control panel and accurate temperature control. This makes them perfect for any commercial kitchen. And the best thing is that they are very energy efficient.

Atosa International

If you are looking for a fridge that is compact, features dual action doors, and has solid stainless steel construction, consider the Atosa MCF8602. The MCF8602 has fast, even cooling that will improve your kitchen efficiency. It is also available as a freezer and fridge combo.

Atosa refrigeration products have high-quality European components and a variety of configurations to suit any kitchen. Each unit undergoes a rigorous series of tests to ensure optimal performance. This includes tests for vacuum leak decay, computer refrigerant charging, and helium leak detection. The company’s commercial fridges and freezers are distributed through Snowmaster. Whether you need a small or large commercial fridge, Atosa has a design that will suit your needs.

Atosa Commercial

For businesses who need a commercial refrigerator that is energy efficient, look no further than an Atosa MCF8604 commercial glass door fridge. This appliance features a heavy-duty compressor that runs quietly and saves up to 40% energy compared to standard units. It also features a bottom-mounted compressor that is ideal for busy kitchens with hotter areas. Atosa MCF8604 also features a stainless steel finish and an upright glass door.

These fridges feature a user-friendly interface, precise temperature control mechanisms, and a four-year parts warranty. These features are important in commercial kitchens, where downtime is not an option.


The Huxford Floor Mount Plus is a high-quality double door commercial display fridge. It has an internal temperature range of 0-4degC, which makes it suitable for the storage of potentially hazardous products. Its visual display area is generous and it has a top illuminated sign panel and bright internal LED lights. It meets Australian Government MEPS standards and is available in 4M1 and 5M1 models.

Huxford Refrigeration are renowned for designing refrigeration products specifically for the Australian climate. Their commercial display refrigerators feature market-leading energy efficiency. This helps them to provide lower running costs and electricity bills. In addition to this, their products deliver exceptional cooling and pull-down performance.

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