Gnome Platinum Garden Hose with Nozzle | Expandable Non-Kink Water Hose | Best In Class Reinforced USA Sized Solid Brass Connectors | On/Off Valve, Lightweight, Pocket Bag
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Gnome Platinum Garden Hose with Nozzle | Expandable Non-Kink Water Hose | Best In Class Reinforced USA Sized Solid Brass Connectors | On/Off Valve, Lightweight, Pocket Bag


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  • KINK & TANGLE FREE – Bungee-type core will not kink, twist, or tangle and is 3x lighter than traditional rubber garden hoses. Use with a spray nozzle. Ideal for home, yard, garden, auto, shop, pets, and RV.

  • SOLID BRASS – Heavy duty solid brass connectors with built-in ON/OFF valve. Turn on the water and the hose immediately expands from 17 feet to 50 feet.

  • TRIPLE-LAYER CORE – New 3-layer stretchy latex core is the strongest of any expanding hose, period. Shrinking and self-draining when not in use. Coil and store in a very small space.

  • 48-PLY EXTERIOR – New 48-ply exterior is the most durable webbing created to date. The Gnome hose is easily coiled, lightweight, and soft to the touch.

  • NO RISK GUARANTEE – Questions or issues? Just contact Gnome USA for the fastest US-based support available.




The best Gnome Hose yet, the new design for 2017 is heavy duty, but light weight, flexible, no-kink, compact and perfect for the home, yard, garden, garage, shop, or pets. It features solid brass connectors with a built-in ON/OFF valve. The rugged nylon exterior is 48-ply, 21mm diameter, and resistant to the elements and temperature extremes, but is soft to the touch. This 2017 model has solved the issues other hoses have of chemical reactions between the bungee-type inner tube and the brass connectors. It has a triple-layer core made from heavy duty latex that expands 3x its length when water pressure is turned on and immediately contracts when water pressure is turned off. It will never kink, twist or tangle and is 3x lighter than traditional rubber garden hoses.

Quality control and support is from the USA and the hose is manufactured in China so our pricing can be as competitive as possible. Our factory uses advanced manufacturing methods, stringent test procedures, and meticulous quality control for 100% customer satisfaction. Spray nozzle shown in pictures not included.

To use: Ensure the rubber washer is firmly inside the female coupling. Turn the hose’s valve to OFF, then connect to your water source. Gradually turn on the water source and watch the hose expand up to 3x its original length! When fully expanded, turn the hose’s valve ON and use the hose like any ordinary garden hose. Use a spray nozzle to keep the hose properly pressurized and expanded during use. After use, drain the hose and it will retract to its original compact length. Always protect it from sharp objects, and for long-term storage it’s best to drain completely and store out of the elements.

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April 20, 2017

Verified Purchase

(I purchased the 50 ft hose) I’ve been looking at this technology in water hoses since they first arrived on the market, and have held back based on reading customer reviews/comments, which in the past, were for the most part not very flattering. I decided to test the waters and bought this hose a few days ago and today I took it on its’ maiden voyage. It is very much lighter than standard hoses, which applies to most all hoses made with this technology from the early ones til today, but it is a very important advantage. The hose performed very well, better than expected. It expands when water pressure is turned on, and it contracts the way it should after turning the water off. So far this is a pretty good product with the caveat this is the first time its’ been used. Will report back as time goes by and the hose is used more, but as of now, seems like a very good product, so I give it a solid 5 stars. If it continues to perform this well, I’ll be ordering another one.

March 28, 2017

Verified Purchase

Feels different then the other collapsable hose I had a few years ago that didn’t last. I believe that this one will be very durable, just from the way it differs. The brass hose ends seem heavy and I like the addition of a shut off at the end you are using.

March 29, 2017

Verified Purchase

I’ve been doing a lot of research trying to find out what is the most durable expandable hose and hands-down this is the one! It works fantastic and you can tell that it’s made with quality material! Not to mention their customer service is exceptional!

February 4, 2017

Verified Purchase

Used for first time. Very light and easy to use and store. Purpose was to fill hot tub when water gets low In winter. It is short but does stretch when filled with water. Will need longer hose than you think to be adequate. Much easier to use in cold than normal hose which gets stiff.

August 28, 2017

Size: 75′|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

As you can see below, I had a major problem with this hose. I finally found a way to contact Gnome. They didn’t hesitate to help me. I took a picture and sent it to them. They replaced my hose immediately (within 2 days). So I am reserving judgment. Their customer service I felt was extraordinary. I can’t believe a product can really be bad when the customer service is so good! I am changing my one star review to a 4 star because of this.


I bought this in May. It was exactly what I wanted, lightweight, easy to store etc. I took very good care. Made sure to empty the water from each use, always put it away carefully.

I used only about 3 or 4 times to water my garden because we had gotten so much rain this year. I also used it quickly every other day or so to fill my bird bath.

Then it just split, for no reason of which I am aware. Water started pouring down from the middle of the hose, and no longer did water
reach the nozzle. Just like that, I was left with no hose. I had hoped it would last at least a couple of years before I needed to replace.

Supposedly it is guaranteed for 12 months. I am supposed to notify Gnome. Not quite sure how to do that, but I will try to find out.

May 7, 2017

Verified Purchase

I would’ve given this Gnome Platinum Hose a 5 Star rating, however, I’ve only had it a week and thus far this hose is great. My wife loves it and I bought another today. Both are 50Ft hoses and they reach everything I need it for. The fittings are thick brass and the hose retracted beautifully and fit perfect into the storage bag it came with.

July 25, 2017

Size: 75′|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

Love this 75′ Gnome Expandable garden hose! It is so light I can easily transport it with one hand. It expanded beautifully and water flow was full pressure. This is the first expandable hose I have owned and I would never go back. It replaced a garden variety 50 ft. hose that kinked all the time and was heavy. Gnome Expandable hose gets NO kinks, it’s lightweight and operates full extended with no pressure loss.

Thank you Gnome for making my life easier!

August 6, 2017

Verified Purchase

Just bought this on Jun 28, 2017 and today there are two holes in the hose so it has to be thrown out… Do NOT buy this hose it does not last and it was not sitting in the sun it was on a protector roller and in the shade, so it was well taken care of. VERY upset and disappointed – total waste of money.