Golden Designs Single Steam Unit

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Golden Designs Single Steam Unit

Golden designs 2 person single steam unit saunas are considered as the most convenient and space saving types of single steam unit saunas. It uses infrared heat energy as the source of heating. This type of heating system has no fan or blower that can cause problems during operation. Compared to other single steam units, its cleaning is easy and its service life is much longer. With automatic shut off system and computer system, this portable sauna saves your time and effort.

Portable steam saunas are great for persons who cannot stay in one place for long. These types of saunas are available in various colors and sizes. It makes your home look elegant and it also gives you enough space for movement. If you wish, you can even change the color of the steam cabin on a frequent basis.

These types of portable saunas are designed in such a way that it requires minimum space. The door panels are hinged at the front of the box and the door closes automatically when you open it. However, caution should be taken to prevent children or pets from entering the saunas. Golden Designs makes sure that the door is secured by the use of biometric door seal. It is also very easy to fold the panel back when the door is closed.

The heat energy produced by the saunas are very high. They have the ability to heat up the whole body within three minutes. Hence, it is used by athletes and others who require a quick heat up. Portable steam saunas offer effective and long lasting heat energy.

The water tank is located at the rear of the sauna. The water temperature is maintained at sixty seven degrees Fahrenheit and this can be adjusted according to your needs. You can even use hot water to do hair, skin or bath. Apart from this, the steam jets can be adjusted depending on your requirements.

There are also many advantages of using Golden Designs portable steam units. The steam saunas help to cure various disorders such as stress, depression, tension, allergies and fatigue. The steam steams have therapeutic effects and these benefits can be achieved by inhaling the steam or relaxing the muscles while bathing.

The steam is also used to help in relieving stress, headaches, insomnia, respiratory problems and dental problems. The portable steam units of Golden Designs offer great benefits to the consumers. These steam units are very easy to assemble and do not take much time to be set up. The saunas are available in a variety of sizes and therefore, you can select the one which is most suitable for the size of your home.

These steam saunas offer great convenience to the home owners. These saunas are easy to install and can also be adjusted according to your needs. They can be used to relax and unwind and can be made a part of your house. Golden Designs offer affordable, quality and stylish saunas for all sizes of homes.

The steam units of Golden Designs are made of high quality ceramic and are extremely durable. The outer surface of the units is made of highly resistant ceramics. This outer surface is semi-translucent in appearance. The steam is able to permeate through the outer ceramic layer. The result is that the steam penetrates deep into the skin to provide an effective cleansing as well as exfoliation.

The special ceramic tubes help to evenly distribute the steam throughout the body. These tubes are designed in such a way so that the temperature inside them is never extreme and is constant. The constant temperature helps to regulate the body’s core temperature and this helps the body to retain its balance.

These saunas are designed in such a way that they produce negative ions. This helps to cleanse the air in the sauna. Negative ions are able to penetrate deep into the pores of the skin to help to rid the body of impurities. These negative ions can help to rejuvenate the skin as well as cleanse the air around the user.

Single steam unit saunas are available for use by individuals of all ages. They can be used in the comfort of one’s home. They make for an excellent choice of sauna when used regularly. Their small size means that they can be stored easily. They are small enough to be placed on any counter top easily. They are very effective and offer a great alternative to the traditional sauna use.

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