Green Sandalwood Tobacco Pipes Full Solid Wood Tobacco Pipes Man Gift , random carved paragraph
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Green Sandalwood Tobacco Pipes Full Solid Wood Tobacco Pipes Man Gift , random carved paragraph


  • to make sure this fits.

  • The upgraded pipe set contains more accessories, With the 9mm filters, a high proportion of harmful nicotine is filtered from the tobacco without affecting the smoking effect. The filter not only protects the health of smokers, but also reduces the damage of passive smoke.

  • The pipe is made of Green Sandalwood, which is very hard, highly absorbent and has no smell. The design is elegant and classic, showing your taste well.

  • The spar and the mouth piece are closely connected. The pipe will not deform because of the temperature and the interface will not loosen even you use it frequently (Clean the pipe after cooling). Wide flat mouth can comfort your mouth.

  • The package includes 1 pipe, 1 * 9-3mm Green Sandalwood filter smoking pipe,10 * Filter element,1 * box,1 * pipe bag ,1 * 3-in-1 pipe scraper ,50 * pipe pass article,3 * combustion-supporting net balls ,1 * Plastic folding bracket

  • The pipe bag made of leather is beautiful and the pipe set is a great gift for smokers.

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The upgraded pipe set with filter kit can filter the harmful substances in the tobacco effectively and give you a cool and dry smoking experience. 

3-in-1 pipe scraper – used to fill tobacco and clean the residue inside the pipe. 

The 9mm filter is used to filter the liquid and nicotine. 

The pipe cleaner is very suitable for cleaning small objects such as pipe bits, pipe bowl, pipe tube and so on. 

Combustion-supporting net balls – can help to burn the tobacco thoroughly by increasing air flow. 

Filter mesh – used as pipe smoke filtration. 

Pipe bit – to play a role of protective cover of cigarette holder. 

9-3mm metal filter – plays a filtering role, can be cleaned and recycled. 

Cleaning – Unscrew the pipe in the correct direction after cooling, and clean the pipe from the center with a pipe cleaner. 


Material: Green Sandalwood

Size: 20 * 8 * 11CM 

Weight: 300g 

Package include: 

1 * 9-3mm Green Sandalwood filter smoking pipe

10 * Filter element

1 * box

1 * pipe bag 

1 * 3-in-1 pipe scraper 

50 * pipe pass article

3 * combustion-supporting net balls 

1 * Plastic folding bracket

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