Health Benefits of the Santiago 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

If you want a health and wellness sauna for your home, then the Santiago 2 person far infrared sauna may be perfect for you. Far Infrared Thermoelectric Heat Engraving (FIT) is the most modern, energy efficient and safe way to safely and effectively treat your entire body. Dynamic Natural Hemlock Saunas provide healthy living to your home at a reasonable price cost. Modern technology and advanced energy efficiency from world renowned far infrared lightening panels enable effective deep penetration of far infrared lightening rays to eliminate body toxins, increase oxygen flow to tissues, ease chronic joint pain, burn more calories and enhance the tone of your skin among many other advantages.

santiago 2 person far infrared sauna

A traditional sauna heats up the outer layer of the skin, takes the moisture and heat from the body and brings it back down to the heart. The new and innovative Far Infrared Technology (FIT) heats up the inner layers of the skin which is about 70% faster than the traditional method. This means a much smaller space that does not retain heat. Also, far infrared rays are more effective since they penetrate deeper into the body than the traditional beams.

Far Infrared Stimulation (FIS) is the process used to make the far infrared rays penetrate the skin. The skin’s cells absorb the energy and heat it causes inside the cells. This allows the blood vessels to carry more blood and nutrients throughout the body which gives the cells more energy and enhances overall health.

When we sweat, it is water that is evaporated from our bodies. However, some sweat stays on the skin’s surface, causing dehydration of the skin. When there is less water on the skin, it is less likely to evaporate, causing the skin to become dry and look dull. Dry skin is a sign of poor circulation which can make a person feel tired and sluggish. A sauna can increase the body’s circulation which improves mood and energy levels as well as make the body feel better.

Far Infrared sauna therapy has been shown to reduce pain in muscles and joints. The heat relaxes and energizes the body, allowing muscles to stretch and loosen up. Saunas can cause heat pain because when the air is heated it can cause your muscles and joints to hurt. By heating the air before a person enters the sauna, it lessens the likelihood of heat pain from exercising or working out in a sauna.

Another of the health benefits from using a sauna regularly is helping your body rid itself of toxins. When you exercise or use the sauna, some of the toxins you remove from your system are taken with you. Some of these may not be fully absorbed by your body, and may end up accumulating in different places, including in your fat cells. When you sweat it out in a sauna, the extra toxins you lose are easier for your body to eliminate.

A person who uses a sauna on a regular basis can expect a healthier and more youthful appearance. The skin will retain more of the vitamins and minerals that were originally in the water when the sauna was taken. There is also less facial swelling after a sauna session. It is a common practice among people who regularly use the sauna to close their eyes and feel calm and relaxed. This reduces the risk of vision problems from stress, anxiety and tension. It is also believed to help alleviate migraines.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the health benefits of a sauna, a trip to a local spa may be in order. However, many health spas offer this service as part of a package. If you purchase your own, be sure to ask the salesperson which infrared saunas they recommend for your health. You should also check online for customer reviews of local spas offering this service.

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