Health Mate Enrich 2 Infrared Sauna

health mate enrich 2 infrared sauna

Health Mate Enrich 2 Infrared Sauna

Choosing a Health Mate Enrich is a good investment for your home spa. These heaters are UL-Listed, which means they are safe for consumers. They are also a fantastic value for your money, and will give you a stellar return on your investment. Here are the benefits of using a Health Mate Enrich infrared sauna. Here are some other benefits you’ll get from using one.

One of the main benefits of a Health Mate Enrich 2 is its full spectrum infrared heating system. This technology ensures that you will not be exposed to high EMFs or blistering heat. The mirrored privacy glass windows will give you a more private and secluded sauna experience. The heaters also come with an ergonomic bench and floor heater, which is great for reducing back pain.

The Enrich 2 has a dual-wave heating system, which is important for the best results. The heaters are made from PEFC-certified “A” Grade Western Red Cedar, which is a renewable resource. The planks are quarter-sawn, giving them a natural look. Compared to other brands, Health Mate’s heaters are 15% faster to reach temperature and have lower EMFs. Every heater is also individually-serial-numbered.

The Enrich 2 sauna is a great choice for two people. The sauna is built from PEFC-certified “A” grade Western Red Cedar, which is an environmentally-friendly and renewable resource. It is also made from quarter-sawn planks, giving the sauna a more organic look. The Health Mate Enrich 2 is a great investment, and is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

The Health Mate Enrich 2 is a great choice for your home. It’s a two-person infrared sauna, with mirrored privacy glass windows, ergonomic benches, and a floor heater. It’s easy to use, too. And with a few extra features, it’s even more convenient to use. The Health Mate Enrich 2 is a 2-person infrared sauna, which is a great option for a small home.

The Health Mate Enrich 2 is a great choice for two people who want to sweat at home. Its mirrored privacy glass windows offer privacy and a roomy interior. Its ergonomic bench allows you to relax comfortably. The floor heater and mirrored privacy glass windows provide a comfortable experience for everyone. A UL-listed heater is also safe for your home, and the Health Mate Enrich 2 is a great option for chronic pain.

The Health Mate Enrich 2 is a great choice for two people. It’s designed with mirrored privacy glass windows. The Health Mate Enrich 2 also offers an ergonomic bench and an interior towel bar. The Enrich2 is a great choice for a couple who are looking to add a second person to their home. This sauna is a good option for two people because of its low EMF levels and easy assembly.

The Health Mate Enrich 2 infrared sauna can accommodate two people. It features a PEFC-certified “A” Grade Western Red Cedar wood interior. This sustainable wood is also environmentally-friendly. Unlike many saunas on the market, the Healthmate Enrich 2 uses patented Tecoloy(tm) heating technology to provide natural pain relief. The heating technology used in the Health Mate Enrich 2 is a great choice for chronic pain sufferers.

The Health Mate Enrich 2 has a patented design that makes it easy to transport. It has a UL-Listed heater and is portable. The unit is extremely energy efficient, and only uses about half of the electricity of a hair dryer. The heaters are also very durable and are covered by a lifetime warranty. If you are looking for an infrared sauna, consider the following factors.

The Health Mate saunas are environmentally-friendly. The wood used in these units is certified as “A” grade Canadian Red Cedar, which means it is sustainable. Regularly using a sauna increases the circulation and strengthens the heart. This is an excellent choice for people who want a healthy, affordable way to detoxify. Its warm air is also a good choice for people with a busy lifestyle.

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