Heat Control Color Tint UV Cut Glare Control Static Window Film Size in 35.4in by 23.4 in Dark Black
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Heat Control Color Tint UV Cut Glare Control Static Window Film Size in 35.4in by 23.4 in Dark Black


  • to make sure this fits.

  • GLARE CONTROL: Tinted glare control film protects rooms from harsh light glare.

  • EASY APPLICATION:Apply this tint film to your window in just a few short minutes with a squeegee. Perfect for bathrooms, en-suites and toilets.

  • HEAT REJECTION:Reduce heat gain while maintaining 7% transparency ang light flow to retain external views.

  • TEST PARAMETERS:Visible Light Transmission:7% UV Rejection: 98% Infrared Rejection:67%

  • ADHESIVE-FREE: The window film is no glue, you can rest assured knowing the film will never damage your windows or leave behind a sticky residue.

Color:Dark Black

Our Heat Control Color Tint UV Cut Static Window Film will be your best choice!
This tinted glare control window film is perfect for areas requiring protection from light and UV, like kitchen window, bedroom, living room, studio spaces and so much more.
Your furniture, wallpaper, cosmetics will be protected by tinted glare control film from harsh light glare.

People everywhere love our tinted static cling window film because it’s super easy to apply and is completely removable without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Package Includes:
1 roll 90cmW x 60cmL (35.4in W x 23.6in L) window film
1 PIECE Simple Application Instruction

Measure your window, select the roll size you need and then click ‘ Add to Cart’ to place your order today!
Quick Tips: Step 01. Clean glass throughtly Step 02.Wet glass with plenty soapy water, the more the better (clear water also work well) Step 03. Remove the backing protect sheet(which is transparent protective liner, please MAKE SURE remove it before you apply the window film to glass) Step 04. Apply to wet glass and smooth with hands Step 05. Squeegee away water and air bubbles.

Product information

Color:Dark Black

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