High Purity Hydrogen Gas Maker Generator H2 0~300ml/min PEM Electrolyzer 0~0.4MPa (220V)
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High Purity Hydrogen Gas Maker Generator H2 0~300ml/min PEM Electrolyzer 0~0.4MPa (220V)


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  • This high purity hydrogen generator is a new type product developed on the foundation of the technology of astronautic fuel cells.

  • The working principle of hydrogen generator is, hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water, and the produced oxygen is released to the atmosphere.

  • It is made up of these systems such as the electrolyzing &separating pool, switch power, pressure controller, desiccation& purification and flow display.

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Main Technical Parameter
(1) The Purity of Produced Nitrogen:99.999%
(2) The Output Flow: 0~300ml/min
(3) The Output Pressure:0~0.4MPa
(4) The power required: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
(5) The biggest power consumed:180W
(6) The size of appearance:350×190×300 mm(L×W×H)

(1) It is simple to operate the instruments that hydrogen can be produced just after the switch is opened. The pressure of released hydrogen is steady, and the flow is digitally displayed with LED, which is more ocular and striking.
(2) In ordinary using, the instruments just need to be supplemented with distilled water. The instruments can be used in succession or disconnectedly.
(3) The liquid storing, hydrogen electrolyzing and desorbing are integrated together in the instruments with the property of large electrolyzing area, low temperature of the pool, long service life, large amount and high purity of produced hydrogen.
(4) The instruments are specially installed with the devices that can prevent liquid from returning, so the instruments can be effectively guaranteed that the phenomenon of liquid returning doesn’t occur during operation. As a result, the discolor silica gel is not often to be changed.

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