Honeycrisp Apple
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Honeycrisp Apple


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  • Grows 14-18 ft. tall by 12-15 ft.wide

  • Botanical name is Malus ‘Honeycrisp’

Size:5-6 ft.

•Beautiul spring blooms•Easily grow your own apples•Sweet, crisp, and delicious ruit•Perect or snacking, canning, reezing, pies, cider, sauce, and more•Later ripening or etended apple harvest•Stores well or 3 to 4 months in rerigerator or root cellar•Delectable treat that’s the perect substitute or processed desserts•Non-GMO rootstockBeautiul Spring BloomsPart o the magic o growing your own apples is enjoying beautiul early spring blooms. Our Honeycrisp Apple Tree oers an abundance o white to blush pink blossoms, adding much-needed interest to early spring landscapes. Ater your apple tree is done blooming, you can enjoy lush medium-green oliage all season long.Easily Grow Your Own ApplesWhether you are new to growing your own ruit or are a seasoned grower, our Honeycrisp Apple Tree is the perect cultivar to start with. This hardy tree produces abundant ruit and is disease- and pest-resistant.Ater planting your apple tree, you can enjoy your own apple harvest in as little as one year. To increase your annual yield, it is best to plant additional apple trees nearby to promote pollination.Etend Your Apple HarvestHoneycrisp apple trees mature later in the season, allowing you to etend your yearly apple harvest. In addition to maturing later in the season, Honeycrisp apples store well in the rerigerator or root cellar or up to our months; allowing you to maintain a private stock o apples longer.The Perect All-Around AppleAside rom the easy-to-maintain traits o the Honeycrisp apple tree, Honeycrisp apples are the perect all-around apple. A crisp, juicy apple; the Honeycrisp was hybridized to serve as a delectable dessert apple. Whether you enjoy it plucked straight rom the tree, or preer to turn it into a scrumptious apple dish, this cultivar won’t disappoint. From apple pies and turnovers to sauces and chutneys, you’ll love the great teture and sweetness Honeycr

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Size:5-6 ft.

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