How to Build a DIY Outdoor Mini Fridge Cabinet

diy outdoor mini fridge cabinet

A DIY outdoor mini fridge cabinet can be a very useful addition to any backyard. These cabinets are usually built from materials such as plywood or cedar. These cabinets can keep your food cool while still allowing proper ventilation. The mini fridge can also be placed inside the cabinet, and you can even add a door if you’d like.

Dimensions of a mini fridge cabinet

If you’re looking to build your own outdoor mini fridge cabinet, there are several measurements you’ll need to know. First, you’ll need to calculate the height of the refrigerator and the width of the cabinet. Then you’ll need to calculate the height of the toe-kick, which is the lower part of the cabinet that sits on top of the fridge. You’ll also need to determine the depth of the base cabinet. Lastly, you’ll need to determine the size of lumber that you’ll need for the cabinets.

Once you’ve determined the dimensions of your cabinet, you’ll need to determine the placement of the mini fridge. You’ll need to place it in a location that allows ventilation, so you need to keep some space on both sides of the cabinet.

Steps to build a mini fridge cabinet

When building an outdoor mini fridge cabinet, there are several things to consider. First, you must determine the exact dimensions of your refrigerator. This will determine the amount of lumber you need to build the cabinet. After you have determined the dimensions, you can measure the height of your fridge. After you have the height, you should build a toe-kick that matches the height of the fridge. The toe-kick should be made of a 1×3 craft board, and it should be attached to the base cabinet with 1-1/2″ wood screws.

Next, you should install the sideboards. Make sure that the mitered edges are facing up. You can also install L brackets to connect them to each other. Once the sideboards are attached to the base cabinet, you can screw them to the next cabinet.

Adding a door to a mini fridge cabinet

To add a door to a DIY outdoor mini fridge cabinet, you’ll need to cut a door that’s the same size as the opening. You’ll also need to attach door hinges to the cabinet. You can attach the door to the cabinet with wood glue or nails.

The front board should have an overhang of about 1 inch. Next, screw it into place. Make sure there’s room for proper ventilation and the power cord.

Organizing a mini fridge cabinet

If you have a deck or patio and you’re looking for an outdoor mini fridge cabinet, there are a number of ways to make one. You can opt for a minimalist design without side storage or drawers, or choose a more complex style that includes a countertop and prep area. In either case, you’ll need to decide on the storage configuration and size of your mini refrigerator cabinet.

Start by measuring the dimensions of your fridge. You’ll need to cut the lumber to match the overall height of the fridge, and make the toe-kick about an inch shorter than the depth of the fridge. Once you’ve determined the size, you’ll need to cut a 1×3 craft board and assemble it with wood glue and 1-1/2 inch screws.

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