How to Build a Mini Fridge Outdoor Cabinet

mini fridge outdoor cabinet

Outdoor mini fridge cabinets can be built with weatherproofed plywood or pressure treated lumber. They can also be skinned with stone, tile, stucco, or concrete. The cabinet is generally 3/4” thick, with the supports secured to the sides with 1-1/4” pocket hole screws. The front supports extend 3/4 inches back from the front edge of the sides.

They can be built into a cabinet

Outdoor cabinets are a great way to incorporate a mini fridge into a patio area. These cabinets can be constructed with pressure treated lumber or weatherproof plywood. They can also be finished with stone, tile, stucco, or concrete. Mini fridges are usually 3/4″ deep and require only a few screws to secure them to the frame. You will need to leave a space for the power cord and the refrigerator’s air vent, so you’ll need to make sure that the space for the refrigerator is adequate.

Mini fridge cabinets come in different styles. For instance, you can choose a stainless steel fridge that matches the rest of your kitchen. Another option is a glass fronted mini fridge. This type of mini fridge is small enough to be placed under a countertop, but not so small that you can’t see it. Ideally, you’ll want it near the sink.

They can be built with picket boards

The first step in building a mini fridge outdoor cabinet is to select the material that is best suited for your outdoor use. Picket boards are an excellent choice for outdoor use because they can be used to build cabinets that are freestanding. They can also be used in combination with other materials, like wrought iron or copper. The pickets should be roughly the same length, but may vary slightly. Cut the picket boards to fit your needs. You may need to remove the dog ear end before attaching them to the frames.

You will need to use picket boards to build the counter top. You should use the 5 straightest pieces from your pickets. These pieces should be of equal thickness. Two of these pieces will be used for the bar top and the other two will make the counter. The counter should overhang the counter supports, so you should cut them to the required length. You should make sure that the waste end of each board is at the same distance apart.

They can be built with drawer boxes

Mini fridge outdoor cabinets can be constructed from various materials. For example, you can use weatherproof plywood and pressure-treated lumber. You can also use stucco or concrete for the cabinet’s exterior. Make sure the materials you use are rated for outdoor use. Stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum are also great choices.

Drawer boxes for outdoor cabinets can be made of plywood. These shelves should have 1/8-inch gap along the sides and bottom. Drawers can be made with drawer fronts and drawer slides. Make sure to mark the location of the drawers so that you don’t get a puddle underneath.

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