How to Build a Mini Refrigerator Cabinet

how to build a mini refrigerator cabinet

Whether you’re looking to cut down on late-night snacking or want to keep your favorite beauty products chilled for a quick spa treatment, a mini fridge can be a great addition to any bedroom.

Before you begin, determine the space available in your home and the ideal size for the cabinet. Ensure that you leave plenty of room for air circulation behind and above the fridge.

Measure Your Refrigerator

If you want to build a mini refrigerator cabinet for your new fridge, it’s best to start by measuring the space where it will be located. You will need to measure the width of the space, the height and the depth, as well as the door opening for the refrigerator.

Once you have these measurements, multiply them together to get the cubic feet of space it will occupy. You can use a calculator to calculate this number.

Next, measure the door opening of the refrigerator to ensure that it will clear any cabinets or enclosures in the room. If it doesn’t, you may need to adjust the door hinges so that you have 2″-4″ of free space on one side of the refrigerator where it will open comfortably.

Build a Toe-Kick

The toe-kick (also called the kick space, cabinet toe kick or kick board) is a recessed area between a base cabinet and the floor. It provides a place for people to stand when they are working in cabinets and is often used in kitchens.

Toe kicks are an important part of kitchen ergonomics because they reduce the amount of room people need to stand when they work on counters. They also help with balance and prevent people from getting tired.

Toe kicks can be built into the cabinets themselves, or they can be a separate piece that attaches to them. These toe kicks are usually made of laminated wood or paint-grade 3/4-inch plywood with support blocks and cedar shims.

Build the Frame

Once you have the frame constructed, you will need to attach the fridge and make sure there is enough room for ventilation. This can be done by creating additional openings or removing shelving that could be limiting airflow.

Depending on the height of your refrigerator, you may want to add a side panel. These panels are usually made to match the front of the cabinet doors.

You can buy them in a variety of lengths. Typically, you can find them at a home improvement store.

Build the Cabinet

A mini refrigerator cabinet is a stylish addition to any refined bedroom or exclusive hotel room. It provides plenty of space to keep your drinks chilled, and it makes a fun place to have a snack in bed.

To build the cabinet, first measure your fridge’s width and depth to determine how much wood you’ll need. Next, add a couple of inches to allow for ventilation.

Then, cut your stock lumber to size. Make sure to account for mitered edges.

Once the frame is assembled, attach the side pieces by drilling through the top and sides of each board with 1-1/2-inch screws.

If you want to finish the mini refrigerator cabinet, apply a stain or paint (water-based or oil-based). Use a pre-stain wood conditioner for even hydration.

Finishing Touches

After the cabinet is built, it’s time to finish the final touches. The most noticeable change is the wallpaper, but you can also paint the refrigerator in a bright color that reflects your personality and really pops out. You could even use metallic spray paint for a cool effect. Regardless of the look you want, this step is crucial in bringing your mini refrigerator cabinet to life.

Apply your paint with a roller and make sure to cover all areas that won’t be accessible with the foam brush. Then let it dry completely before adding another coat. This will help prevent drips and keep the refrigerator looking as good as new. After this, you can finally put it all together and enjoy your beautiful new storage space!

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