How to Change the Door on a Haier Mini Fridge

how to change door on haier mini fridge

If you have a haier mini fridge and want to change the door, you can do so easily. Just remove the hinges and move them to the other side, then screw it back on.

Haier refrigerators offer many useful features, such as flexible storage space and an in-built freezer. They’re also energy efficient.

Remove the Bottom Door

The bottom door is held in place by the center hinge pin and fasteners. You may need a friend to help you support the door as you loosen the fasteners.

If you can remove the center hinge fasteners first, you should be able to support the bottom door while you remove the fasteners holding it to the fridge. This process is pretty common on most mini fridges. You should be able to find a step-by-step guide for this on your fridge’s manufacturer’s website.

Remove the Center Hinge Pin

Changing the door on your haier mini fridge is an easy DIY project. It takes less than an hour and requires only basic tools, including a screwdriver set, pliers and sockets.

Before you can change the top door, you must first remove the Center Hinge Pin. This is an important step because it’s responsible for allowing the upper and lower doors to swing in different directions. To remove this part, you’ll need a pair of pliers and a flat-bladed screwdriver.

Remove the Top Door

The top door is typically held to the fridge by hex screws. You may have to remove a cover or bezel to get access to the fasteners, and a friend can help support the door while you loosen them.

You will need to replace the door gasket, which is a rubber strip that covers the inner edge of the refrigerator door. It is available from a hardware store or manufacturer service center.

Remove the Spacers or Washers

Before you can change the door on your haier mini fridge you must first remove the Spacers or Washers. These are a bit of a no brainer, and are usually found on the center hinge pin or in a similar position on the top door.

They will likely not be the best looking, but should be easy to find. They should be made of a metal or some sort of hardy, non-corrosive material like plastic, polymer or even a soft foam.

Remove the Fasteners

If the door isn’t able to swing free from the fridge, it may have fasteners that are holding it to the refrigerator. These are often hex-head screws, but could be other types.

Loosen and remove these fasteners until the door can slide out freely from the fridge. Check for rubbing, binding and other issues as you work. If the door still rubs or binds, it may need to be replaced.

Reinstall the Spacers or Washers

If you have removed the spacers or washers on the top hinge pin, it’s time to put them back in place. You’ll need them to help you align the door when it comes off of the center hinge.

Once you have reinstalled the spacers or washers, be sure to tighten all of the fasteners on your refrigerator. This will ensure that the doors don’t rub or bind while they swing.

Reinstall the Center Hinge Pin

The center hinge pin, or the hinge knuckle, is a rod-like component that secures the leafs of the hinge together. It’s inserted through the hollow knuckle, which is formed when two hinge leafs are pressed together.

The size of a hinge pin affects the strength of the hinge. Heavy-duty hinges usually have a thicker pin, while standard or general-purpose hinges may have a smaller one.

The hinge pin is typically made of the same material as the hinge leafs. It’s a crucial part of the hinge, so it’s important to buy a replacement in case the pin falls out.

Reinstall the Top Door

Over time, the hinges that connect your fridge door to the fridge can become rusted or broken. This can make it hard for your door to keep cold or to close properly. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix your fridge’s top door. Repair Clinic stocks replacement door gaskets that are guaranteed to fit your model perfectly, so you can return your fridge to its former coolness. Just follow the instructions from your refrigerator’s manual to reinstall your door and get it working again.

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