How to Choose the Best 2 Person Infrared Sauna For Your Needs

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How to Choose the Best 2 Person Infrared Sauna For Your Needs

Relive and rejuvenate with your own Far Infrared Thermo-atisse Sauna. Strong and reliable, this handsome sauna boasts warp-resistant and tongue-and Groove joinery, premium and durable, European hemlock construction and smooth-flowing, Canadian hardwood construction. Constructed to conveniently fit in a corner, the easy-to-install, fully welded, double door infrared sauna completes your cozy at-home sauna retreat. Ten, perfectly-placed, high-quality, tightly welded carbon heat panels, surrounding you in welcoming warmth, the ELCO sauna delivers maximum humidity control. A vapor barrier maintains optimal air quality, even during the hottest sauna session of your life. The sauna’s moisture barrier also helps eliminate moisture buildup, allowing the sauna to maintain its cool temperature permanently.

Constructed with a solid wood frame, the ELCO sauna is constructed of rust-free, Western Red Cedar. This species of wood has proven its worth as a superior sauna material with a long history of being an effective sauna material throughout North America. Made to be the premier choice of wood dealers worldwide, this sauna is guaranteed to withstand the test of time and provide you with years of pleasurable use. Because it is an indoor sauna, the ELCO sauna includes a vapor barrier to help keep the wood sanitary. Included in the construction of the sauna is a two-way door that opens completely to expose the wood’s many wonderful textures and finishes.

The infrared sauna includes a wood-lined interior that is easy to clean and maintain. Its exterior is finished in either a natural or satin paint that will be able to resist mold and mildew. It includes a protective, deluxe glass windows that allow you to view the sights outside while keeping the sauna’s heat within. On the inside, you have a comfortable bench with three comfortable seating options: a flat, upright, or curved seat. This bench makes it easy to relax with a book and a beverage.

The dual plateau heating system inside the Dynamic Alicante sauna makes it a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature as you relax. A high-efficiency radiant heater warms the interior wood panels to over 150 degrees fahrenheit with very little fanfare or noise. You can also choose to add a contemporary decorative touch with cutouts and hand-carved wood panels. The heating system includes two infrared lamps and an aluminum ceiling and base, which allow the heat to circulate throughout the entire sauna. The ceiling has an adjustable ceiling fan that helps to distribute the heat.

The most impressive thing about the Dynamic Alicante infrared sauna is the ease of use. This is one of the best quality saunas on the market today. It includes all of the cons that you would expect from a sauna: two infrared lamps, an aluminum body and wood paneling, and a comfortable bench. What sets this apart from other models is the inclusion of chromotherapy lighting, which is a breakthrough in the sauna industry. Chromotherapy lighting uses special low-level laser technology to reduce muscle soreness after a session, and it can also significantly increase the body’s overall comfort.

The exterior wood has been stain treated to withstand the outdoor elements, and the interior wood has been laminated to ensure the highest stability. The bench has also been made of premium wood to make it easy to rest on. For added convenience, the bench includes a locking mechanism to ensure that your guests are kept safe and comfortable. You can use the exterior wood for an indoor sauna, or the interior wood for an outdoor sauna that receives direct sunlight during the winter months.

The benefits of owning a sauna for 2 include a great place to take friends, a relaxing trip, or a private retreat with a high level of privacy and comfort. All of these things can be accomplished through a quality sauna. But if you’re looking for the best option for maximizing the benefits of your indoor or outdoor sauna, you should consider the Hualalai panel design.

Hualalai panels provide an efficient sauna, whether indoors or out. They have an interior chamber that is larger than the exterior wood panel. This allows the interior chamber to heat faster and more thoroughly than traditional rectangular saunas. This sauna can also be used as a traditional outdoor sauna by placing the exterior wood panel outside during the day, and installing the interior unit during the night. When you take advantage of this dual functioning, you are taking advantage of a sauna that uses the most efficient method of heating, while saving the most money on your electricity bill as well.

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