How to Dispose of a Small Appliance

how to dispose of a small appliance

Small appliances get a lot of use, and they often break or are damaged over time. Rather than tossing these broken items, consider whether you can reuse them. This can save you money and the environment by diverting them from landfills. If you are not able to reuse your small appliances, consider finding another way to dispose of them.


There are several benefits to recycling small appliances. Not only do you get rid of clutter but you also help the environment. If your small appliance is working properly, it can be donated to a charity or a community organization. You may find it difficult to dispose of an old appliance but you can check with your local community groups to see what they can do.

First, you can donate your old appliance to a local thrift store. They will appreciate it! Second, you can also recycle your old, working appliance. While most appliances do not come with recyclable parts, you can try to recycle those that don’t contain metal. Remember that 75 percent of the weight of an average appliance is made of steel. Luckily, steel is one of the most recycled materials in the U.S. Each year, about 10 percent of all steel is recycled from appliances.

Recyclable materials in small appliances are a great way to reduce waste in landfills. Electronic components, such as batteries, can release hazardous materials into the environment, so they should be recycled properly. Recycling your old appliances will help the environment as well as your wallet!


Donating small appliances can be a great way to help people in need. By making such a donation, you are helping local charitable organizations, which use the money raised to provide services and support for people in need. Some organizations accept used small appliances for resale, while others will take in appliances in need of repair.

Donating small appliances to charities is a great way to help the environment while helping people in need. If you own an old refrigerator or other appliance, you can donate it to a charity that will fix it up and resell it. The best way to donate a small appliance is to make sure that it works and has no broken parts. You can also wash and clean the appliance to make it healthier for the people who will receive it. If you notice that it needs some repair, you should inform the charity in advance so they can get it fixed.

Several local nonprofit organizations and churches accept small appliances for free. Community thrift stores may also accept small appliances. Some churches or non-profit groups may also accept large appliances for families in need.


Dumping small appliances is a simple way to dispose of them, but there are some precautions that you must follow. For instance, you must unplug the appliance and turn off the power before you dispose of it. In addition, you should avoid handling electric wires as they can cause injuries. Instead, roll up or tie up the wires so that they are not exposed. Besides, you should wear gloves when handling appliances that contain glass parts.

If you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of removing small appliances from your property, you can donate them to charity organizations or local community centers. You can also donate your appliances to food banks and homeless shelters. Just make sure to clean them well and repair any minor faults. You can also donate the appliances to a local scrapyard to get them recycled.

Dumping small appliances is not only bad for the environment, but it can also cause harm to human health. Most small appliances contain a lot of chemicals and are a source of pollution. They also pose a threat to marine life. You should avoid disposing them in landfills, which are often overrun with garbage and are unfit for reuse. Besides, the process of recycling your old appliances is more efficient and can benefit both you and the environment.

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