How to Find a Small Kitchen Appliance Disposal Near Me

small kitchen appliance disposal near me

If you have a small kitchen appliance, you can dispose of it easily by bringing it to an appliance recycling company. You can easily find one near you by researching the web. A great resource is What Can Be Recycled, where you can enter the type of appliance and find a list of local recycling centers that accept it.


If you have a small kitchen appliance, there are several places to dispose of it. For example, Goodwill stores participate in the Electronics Recovery Program. The EPA also sponsors a program for household appliance disposal, called RAD. It is important to remember that Goodwill does a lot for your community, so donating items to them is an excellent idea.

Another option is to donate your appliance to the Salvation Army. This organization collects gently used household items and also sells them in outlet stores. It also accepts computers and other usable items. In addition, donating to a Goodwill will help you do some good while you donate. However, if you are looking to dispose of an appliance in the Chicagoland area, you can try Salvation Army, but you have to call them and make sure they do not refuse to accept the items.


When you’re ready to throw away old kitchen appliances, there are many places near you where you can get rid of them safely. Staples’ recycling program is extensive and free. Not only can you dispose of small appliances like refrigerators, but you can also earn rewards by recycling your old electronics. So far, Staples has recycled more than 153 million pounds of technology and more than 211 million pounds of ink and toner cartridges.

To recycle items at Staples, all you need to do is bring them to the checkout area. Once you get there, an associate will evaluate the item and process it for you. You can even get a $5 reward for your efforts.

Best Buy

If you have an old kitchen appliance or a broken television, there are ways to dispose of it safely. The first step is to find a place that accepts old devices. Some stores do not accept all types of appliances, and some do not accept batteries. Check with Best Buy about this option.

Best Buy is one place that recycles small appliances for free. It is a convenient way to dispose of them. The store accepts up to three appliances a day. If you do not have a place to recycle your old appliances, you can donate them. Most stores have donation bins.

Austin’s Recycle & Reuse Drop-Off Center

If you need to dispose of a small kitchen appliance, you can take it to Austin’s Recycle & Reuse drop-off center. It accepts a wide variety of items that can be reused or recycled. You can also have your item picked up and disposed of safely.

The center accepts a variety of items, including styrofoam, glass, and aluminum. They also accept paper, cardboard, and electronics. If you’re not sure whether an item can be recycled, you can contact the Recycle & Reuse Drop-Off center to see if it is accepted.

Located at 2514 Business Center Drive, Austin’s Recycle & Reuse drop-off center is a convenient location for disposing of small kitchen appliances. Most electrical appliances and small kitchen appliances are accepted for disposal. You’ll need to present proof of residency.

TKO Recycling

TKO Recycling is a local recycling center in California that takes all appliances, big or small, that are in working condition. The center also accepts hazardous materials. Taking the time to properly dispose of these items will help the environment. Many home appliances are discarded to the curb for garbage collectors, but many are not biodegradable and should be recycled. Using a recycling center to recycle your appliances is an environmentally friendly and convenient way to dispose of these items.

You can drop off small appliances at TKO Recycling, which does not charge for the service. If you cannot bring your appliances to a recycling facility, you can also take them to SMUD’s Household & Hazardous Waste facility. Goodwill stores often participate in electronic recycling programs, but these facilities prefer to take things that can be resold.

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