How to Find Free and Paid Small Refrigerator Recycling Near Me

small refrigerator recycling near me

If you have a small refrigerator, there are many locations to recycle it for free. Some of these locations include Walmart, Staples, Best Buy, and G.E. There are also places to recycle a mini-fridge for a small fee. The best way to recycle a mini-fridge is to dispose of it properly and in accordance with local regulations.

Free small refrigerator recycling in Walmart

There are several ways to recycle your old small appliances. You can take them to your local recycling center or contact a local retailer to see if they have recycling programs. You can also donate them to local charities if they are still in good condition. You can also call your utility company and see if they offer any recycling programs.

Many utility companies offer cash for recycling your old appliances. Most of them pay between $25 and $75 per appliance. The best part is that you can get free pick-up and haulaway for your old refrigerators and freezers. Even if your old refrigerator isn’t in great shape, you can still recycle it.


If you are looking for a convenient and free place to recycle your small refrigerator, you can turn to Staples. They accept a variety of small refrigerators, and even offer a rewards program for recycling certain items. For example, you can earn money for recycling certain ink and toner cartridges. Plus, you can also recycle some used electronics. Many locations accept cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Some will also accept rechargeable batteries.

Staples stores accept most types of electronics and can provide you with quotes for your old electronics. They accept laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs. Some even accept gaming consoles. You can even recycle your old electronics at the Staples in your town. You’ll be able to find the most convenient location near you by using the Staples app.

Staples also accepts coffee makers and other kitchen electronics. They are located in several cities around the country, and you can find one near you. If you live in the Metro Detroit area, you can choose from three different locations. They are in East English Village, Dearborn, and Grosse Pointe. While they do recycle office supplies, you may have to search for a location near you to recycle your small refrigerator.

Best Buy

If you have an old refrigerator or other appliance, you may want to dispose of it properly. Best Buy has a program for this called the Standalone Haul-Away Service. It will collect unwanted electronics and appliances for as little as $200. This service will also help you avoid the hassle of throwing away old appliances, which may be hazardous to the environment.

Best Buy accepts a wide variety of electronic devices, including cell phones, wireless broadband, two-way radios, shredders, voice recorders, and even computers. However, this program is focused on electronics, so do not expect to get your old television or stereo in their recycle bins.

Best Buy offers two recycling programs: electronic recycling and buyback/trade-in. These programs are free to use, but there are restrictions. For example, they will only accept three items per household per day, and you must be a resident of the area to take part in this program.


There are a number of recycling programs available for your old refrigerator or freezer. You can find one near you by looking online for a local recycling center. One great resource is the What Can Be Recycled page, which allows you to search for the type of appliance you want to recycle.

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