How to Get a Cola Mini Fridge For Free

how to get a cola mini fridge for free

If you own a restaurant, and you’d like to get a free coke mini fridge, you can ask your local coke distributor to put one in for you. The exact process will vary depending on your local distributor and availability. Fill out a survey to qualify for the fridge, then call the distributor to let them know you’d like one.

Coca-Cola scam phishing website

The Coca-Cola scam asks you to fill out a survey for a free mini fridge. The link you are sent will direct you to a phishing website. Once there, you’ll be asked to input your personal details. This information will then be sent to the scammers. The scammers will never send you the mini fridge you’re supposedly winning.

Coca-Cola has warned consumers to be cautious and ignore the phishing emails. In the email, a fictional man named Shane Muller claims to be an official Coca-Cola company representative, and asks for personal information, including full name, mobile number, date of birth, and other personal details. Despite the phishing website’s resemblance to the official Coca-Cola website, you should always remain suspicious.

A scam website that claims to be affiliated with Coca-Cola offers a free mini fridge in honor of its 130th anniversary. This is a phishing website that uses social media to spread its sham message. The website asks for personal information, which is used to deliver unwanted products.

The Coca-Cola scam is a social media scam that is affecting people across Latin America. It involves a multinational company impersonating Coca-Cola to get users’ personal data. The messages are often spread on WhatsApp and other messaging services. When victims click on the links, they are redirected to the malicious website where they are asked to fill out a registration form. Once they have entered their information, they are instructed to forward the message to other WhatsApp contacts. This allows the scam actors to access their contacts’ agendas and bank accounts.

Filling out a survey

A recent scam has lured consumers to fill out a survey for a free cola mini fridge. The site asks you to answer four questions to win the fridge. Once you submit this information, the website will take your details and send it to scammers. Coca-Cola has confirmed that the survey is a scam.

The message claims to be from the Coca-Cola company and will offer a free mini fridge for those who tweet the hashtag #FreeTheFridge. The fridge is stocked with beverages and snacks, including Coca-Cola. These mini fridges are great for keeping food cold during hot days.

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