How to Make Your Own DIY Mini Fridge Cabinet

diy mini fridge cabinet ikea

Do you want to make your own mini fridge cabinet? Here are a few simple ideas: use an IKEA shoe cabinet or Besta bar cart, or even paint a wooden stool. Using the same paint as you would paint a regular cabinet, these projects will help you transform a plain piece of furniture into an attractive mini fridge cabinet. Besides, they will save you some money! You may also want to try refinishing wooden stools if you have some lying around.

IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet

You can easily make your IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet DIY a rustic wood piece. You can add decorative paper to the drawer panels, or you can even create curved sides with the Hemnes. Here are three examples of IKEA hacks:

If you’re not a woodworker, you can paint the wood Hemnes shoe cabinet to match the décor of your room. Paint it in a pretty shade of paint, or stain it to add character. You can also switch out the handles and knobs to give the piece a new look. Wood paneling is a popular DIY project, but you can also cover the cabinet with contact paper for a different look.

Another popular IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet DIY project is to style it in boho style. Boho is a fashionable style right now. The authors of the project changed the original cabinet top with a stained pine board. The result is a cabinet that ties in with the other wood elements in your entryway. It also gives off modern bohemian vibes. Fill the IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet diy with accessories to match your design and personality.

IKEA Besta bar cart

If you want to add a wet bar to your home, you’ll need to consider space. A bar cart needs storage space and a mini fridge cabinet can help you meet this goal. You can buy an IKEA Besta bar cart and transform it into a bar or mini fridge cabinet by adding a few DIY touches. You can paint the furniture to match the rest of your decor, add inner lights, and attach legs to it. You can even create a contrasting look by adding a wooden countertop instead of a white piece.

You can also use the IKEA Rast dresser as a bar cart, but you must drill holes in each leg. Another idea is to paint the IKEA Besta with a bold color. The color can be used to create a scalloped look. A bright paint color can help you finish the project, too. You can also paint it in a bright, bold color and add wheels.

IKEA Hemnes cabinet

You can create a custom IKEA Hemnes cabinet with ease. There are a few steps to follow, and you can create a unit that’s a perfect fit for your home. To start, you should know that this unit doesn’t come with a glazed top or paneled doors on the bottom half. To add some rustic character, you can add decorative papers to the sides and drawer panels.

For example, Emy converted a standard Hemnes shoe cabinet into a chic shallow storage cabinet. Her design works perfectly in a mudroom or small entryway. Juli converted three small Hemnes dressers into two-person desks. You can even take the basic IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet and turn it into a functional piece of kitchen cabinetry. The possibilities are endless. You can paint it to match your existing decor, or you can replace the knobs and handles with new ones.

Painting wooden stools to make a mini fridge cabinet

To paint IKEA furniture, you need to first understand what type of material it is. For example, wooden stools will be harder to paint than metal ones, so you need to decide how much paint you want to use on each item before starting. Luckily, IKEA furniture can be easily customized by painting it. Painting it yourself will be a lot less expensive than buying new furniture, and the finished product will look better than the original.

You can also use the Bekvam step stool, which is a popular item in Ikea. After cleaning and sanding them, you can paint them. To make the stools look more attractive, choose a bright shade that matches the wall panel you are using in the room. In addition, you can also decorate the chest of drawers with wallpaper, but you should make sure to use chalky furniture paint.

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