Hykolity 185W LED Parking Lot Shoebox flood Light 22200lm 5000k DLC Premium Dimmable Outdoor Weatherpoof Commercial Area Fixture [600W Equivalent] York Mount
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Hykolity 185W LED Parking Lot Shoebox flood Light 22200lm 5000k DLC Premium Dimmable Outdoor Weatherpoof Commercial Area Fixture [600W Equivalent] York Mount


  • to make sure this fits.

  • ✔ Super Bright – This LED ShoeBox Flood Lighting Fixture provides 22200 Lumens at 5000K Daylight White. That is a staggering LED Efficiency of 120lm/w!

  • ✔ Energy Saving – Energy Savings of up to 70% over our product’s lifespan. Rated over 50,000 hours of use, that’s about 23 years @ 6 hours/ day.

  • ✔ Wide Application – Ideal for outdoor applications such as post lighting, security lighting, parking lot lighting, street lighting, etc.

  • ✔ IP65 Waterproof – Perfect for any Damp or Wet Locations. Resists Rust, Corrosion, Cracking and any Electrical Shocks or Fires due to Moisture.

  • ✔ 5 Year Warranty – Hykolity’s 5-Year Warranty means we got you covered! Contact us if any issue arises.

Size:1 Pack



Features of LED Shoebox parking lot flood lighting

These old fixtures are noisy,bad quality,wast energy, wast electronic bill, hot lampshade, etc.
It is time to make a switch, it is time to replacing your old fixture and experience the impressive light quality from Hykolity LED.
This fixture resists dampness and wetness, which focus on extremely weather and wear resistant design,
these lights have created a new standard for parking lot lighting and area site street lighting.
Hykolity LED shoebox light is the best choose for you to replacing the your old Metal Halide, High pressure sodium and High intensity Discharge!

Wide Application
For parking Lot, Street and Roadway Area, Park, Ball Park, Urban Roads, Industrial areas,
Residential areas, Sidewalks, Gas Station Road Security Area, Gardens etc. Let’s bring green energy and brightness to life.

-Shell Materials: Aluminum Alloy
-Power: 185W
-Input Voltage: AC120-277V
-Luminous Flux: 22200Lm
-Color Temperature: 5000K
-PF: >0.9
-Protection Level: IP65
-Dimmable: 1-10V

About Hykolity
We focus on creating the best lighting experience. Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with Hykolity!
Main product: LED Tubes, LED shop lights, LED wall pack, LED flood lights, LED Dusk to Dawn, LED High Bay Light, LED Canopy Fixture, LED Panel etc.

Product information

Size:1 Pack



Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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March 15, 2017

Size Name: 6 Pack|Color Name: 20W|Verified Purchase

I had a worklight and its bulb burned out. It had a 450 watts incandescent bulb, if you have used one of those lights you know how inconvenient they are. They put out a lot of heat, can easily burn you or anything that touches it and definitely put a load on your electricity bill if you use for hours. I mostly used it to work in my car or do repairs around the house in places that need somw light. Instead of replacing the bulb I decided to retrofit one of these led floodlights. Just $11.99, consumes 20 watts, it’s water resistant, no heat and plenty of light, yes, it was a better option.

As you can see in the pics it was really straight forward. I removed the shroud and grill of the worklight, then removed all the internals were the bulb sits plus part of the wiring. The worklight has a small black box in the back where the plug-in cord is connected to the housing, also the ground is there. Since the box is waterproof I decided to leave it and route the led wires to there. The led light is bigger than the housing so I modified the bracket that comes with it to make the floodlight sit flush with the top of the worklight. It took me less than an hour to do it all.

Now the worklight puts out a little less light than the stock burning hell bulb it had but for most of the work that you can do with it there’s enough illumination for any task unless you want to get warm with it. The best part is that there’s almost no heat, I had it at my side turned on and ot was almost unnoticeable. Compared to $25+ led worklights that put out less lumens and are not water resistant this was definitely a steal.

September 14, 2016

Size Name: 6 Pack|Color Name: 20W|Verified Purchase

After installing the first LED light I noticed that the placement of the mounting bracket matters a lot. This light has the bracket lower on the light, I had to mount the light inverted in order for it to fit under the eve of the house. It works, but looks weird with the letters upside down. Depending on your application keep the bracket in mind. As for the light I do like the daylight look of the LEDs and the “beam” of the light fills the yard good enough. I will be upping the wattage on the next lights when I order, 30W would do a better illumination job. Quality seems average for a cheap outdoor LED made in china. Overall I would purchase more but in the 30W-40W range.

December 26, 2016

Size Name: 1 Pack|Color: 100w|Verified Purchase

I used these to replace a pair of 500 watt halogens that were located on a pole. The halogen lights were a pain, frequently failing and never bright enough, due in part to the very long cable run (over 150 feet).
These neatly replaced the halogens providing brighter/whiter light and better coverage. Additionally, the current consumption is now reduced by ~85% making the long cable run not be an issue. No more having to drag out a ladder and replace bulbs or clean contacts, as the LEDs should last for years.
The water sealing on these is impressive. A double gasket around the perimeter of the lens and they even applied a sealant on the inside of the cable grommet which was a very nice touch.
The only downside is that the cable is a bit short. However this can be solved with proper mounting or extending the cord. I needed to replace the cover that the halogen lights were mounted to with one that had a water tight grommet.

May 29, 2016

Size Name: 1 Pack|Color: 100w|Verified Purchase

SO I am very pleased with these lights. We had some old security High Sodium’s and were all burned out and the cost of the ballast and bulb was more than these leds. So now I have 4 lights that put out more lumens than the old ones and burn 60% less power so stoked about that.

I was really impressed with the durability of these things and they are heavy and well made. If I had one thing I could wish for would be that the power whip would of been a little longer but was easy to use and over come.

December 20, 2016

Size Name: 6 Pack|Color Name: 20W|Verified Purchase

This is a great light for garage or yard lighting. Since it is LED the cold temperatures here in Colorado do not effect the on time or brightness like it does the florescent lights. It has wide beam width so they work in a garage and out side of the garage. The beam can be directed down to light the drive and not blind you as you enter the garage. The light coverage lights the entire area so you don’t approach in the dark. I have them on motion sensors so you don’t enter in the dark and then wired to the garage door opener so the lights on before you enter the garage,

December 10, 2017

Size Name: 1 Pack|Color: 100w|Verified Purchase

This light lasted 1 year of the 5 year warranty. It started to blink like the beacon on a lighthouse!!
It was mounted high on the wall on the side of my house and then I had to get someone to remove and replace it with a new ELED brand light. This was not cheap! The best Hykolity would do is refund 50% of the light and told me I could keep the light! – (duh! What use was the light to me?) When I told them 80% refund of the cost of the light was more appropriate as that was how long it lasted I received no response at all – not even the 50 % refund. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!

December 12, 2016

Size Name: 6 Pack|Color Name: 20W|Verified Purchase

I purchased 2 of these lights for my lab bench. They are extremely bright, at first I thought too bright, but after getting used to them I love them. They don’t get too hot, merely warm to the touch on the back cooling fins after hours of run time.

I also tore these lights down to get a good look at the internals. Both of my lights had properly earthed cases and were in good shape. I measured wattage both at the plug and into the LED itself. I found the lamp was drawing approx 18W at the plug and delivering approx 15W to the LED. This is quite impressive. The vast majority of “20W” lights like these only drive the LED at about 8W. The way these LEDs are being driven will lead to a long LED life.

I am impressed with these lights. If you are looking for a good 20W LED light this is the one you want.

November 30, 2016

Size Name: 6 Pack|Color Name: 20W|Verified Purchase

Used this light for a 220-gal aquarium. Was on the bright side so after some time, I switched to 15-watt led. This one will now go outside to light outside areas that need some lighting. May mount it to shine up into my big pepper tree.
Nice bright light that I would not hesitate to buy again. Stays nice and cool also.