In-Ear Bluetooth Headset 4.2 Stereo One-sided Hands-free Voice control, multi-point connection Car Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headset(10pc) (white)
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In-Ear Bluetooth Headset 4.2 Stereo One-sided Hands-free Voice control, multi-point connection Car Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headset(10pc) (white)

  • Life is more lasting, worry-free use High-quality poly lithium battery, supplemented by professional energy-saving circuit design, efficient transmission, than 3.0 and below versions, the same power, higher than 30% above the battery life, longer battery life, longer life

  • Distance no longer limits communication V4.2 chip, signal stability and smooth, accessible 10 meters effective distance, enjoy the fun of wireless Bluetooth

  • Power easily grasp Can keep abreast of electricity usage, timely replenishment (only IOS system support)

  • .Lightweight, painful In-ear silicone earmuffs body, soft and comfortable, the volume of direct access to the ear canal, reducing distortion, to bring you a longer comfortable wearing experience!

  • Quick search matching 1. Enter pairing status Long press the multi-function key for 4 seconds, then the light flashes alternately in red and blue lights 2. Phone search for Bluetooth devices Search for Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth on 3. Connect the Bluetooth device After searching the Bluetooth device, click the pairing connection


Minimum 10 pieces from the delivery,The price is 10 pieces of price.
1.Bluetooth 4.2 chip
More data transmission more stable, anti-interference ability. Low-power operation more power-saving, compatible with all types of Bluetooth products
2.Reconnect time is shorter
Increase connection speed and intelligence, reducing the time between device reconnections
3.Transmission speed is higher
4.2 new smart chip upgrade to ensure that the information can be promptly sent to the receiving device to improve transmission speed
4.Life longer
Low-power operation mode, with continuous playback 4 hours, standby time is longer or longer, more power
5.Broadband noise reduction / HD microphone Intelligent noise reduction technology, 360-degree background noise blocking, call clarity increased by 60%. Noisy environment can also be a clear call
6.Built-in HD microphone
Hidden microphones use advanced noise cancellation technology for high-quality voice input
7.CPU80MHZ intelligent computing
Using V4.2 chip, smart music, audio rapid conversion, no delay without noise, more comfortable audio track, call analysis such as face to face communication
8.Up and down song switch at any time, calls automatically suspended
Bluetooth 4.2 system-specific chip features support for switching songs, long press the volume button to switch up and down songs in the song state, the call automatically suspended music, hang up re-play, smart and convenient

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