Infrared Heat Saunas

New World Health Organization, WHO, declared that the use of infrared light for detoxification of the body can reduce the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Infrared saunas are now readily available and affordable to everyone. This new technology can help you lose weight in a safe and healthy way. The traditional method of using hot rocks or spits was found to be very hazardous for a person’s health. The constant boiling of the body caused the body to sweat more, causing severe dehydration.

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Traditional methods include the boiling of the milk and broth and then the use of mixtures of herbs and spices. The hotness of these liquids cannot be tolerated by the human body and so, more heat is required to raise the temperature to the same level as when the liquids were first heated. Heat damage can occur to the skin if the sauna room contains only one or two infrared heaters to raise the temperature. Infrared saunas with four or more heaters cannot be safely used because the individual may get too overheated.

Heat therapy has also been known to raise the heart rate and blood pressure. The heat will relax the muscles in the body, but it may also increase the heart beat and blood pressure. If this happens while a person is at rest, it can be very dangerous. People who suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes should not use a sauna. Infrared heaters cannot lower the blood pressure and should only be used if the person has already been treated and does not have conditions that need to be treated.

One positive benefit of the JNH Lifestyles infrared sauna is that the atmosphere is a joyous, uplifting and energizing one. All the negative effects of modern-day living on our spirit can be avoided with regular sessions of enjoyment. When one feels good, positive energy flows throughout the body and improves health. This also helps remove negative toxins from the bloodstream. Negative toxins are believed to be the cause of ill health and a major contributing factor to disease and illness.

Another of the pros of the JNH Lifestyles infrared sauna is that the infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating the blood circulation and aiding in the healing of wounds and other ailments. The use of a chromotherapy, which is a form of oxygen ionizer, also draws oxygen to the skin, improving oxygenation and skin health. Some of the cons of using the sauna include the process taking longer than traditional saunas, and the need for specialized equipment to run the sauna. Some health insurance plans do not cover the costs of the sauna and so you may need to find additional coverage.

Infrared heating units offer the health practitioner the ability to treat a wider variety of ailments than traditional saunas and other forms of treatment. In addition to the infrared emitting from the sauna, non-portable heating units can provide the same benefits by heating herbs and essential oils which have therapeutic properties known to promote healing within the human body. The best heating units offer a wide range of therapeutic effects from the stimulation of blood circulation to the relaxing of tensioned muscles.

The JNH Lifestyles infrared sauna is the perfect way to relieve body discomfort, detoxify the system, increase energy, and improve cardiovascular health. It works to benefit every area of the body and offers relief to a variety of medical problems. The sauna is not for everyone however, as some people do not like the feel of the infrared heat. Some would also prefer the traditional, more natural, heating method over an infrared heat unit.

Infrared saunas by themselves are incredibly affordable, and the JNH Lifestyles infrared sauna can be purchased for as little as $125. A two person unit will be no more expensive than a single person unit. Anyone can enjoy the benefits that this unique sauna has to offer. The JNH Lifestyles infrared sauna makes it possible for two people to enjoy the benefits of a sauna while still maintaining their individual comfort levels.

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