Infrared Sauna: A Double-Wall Construction That Produces Comfortable And Warm Conditions For Your Health

Turn your own home into a relaxing retreat with this lovely Radiant Saunas 1 2- PERSON Hemlock Infrared Sauna With 3 Ceramic Hydronic Heaters. Stylish and reliable, it has sturdy and variable-size warp-proof, Canadian hardwood construction and tongue-and- groove joinery. Easy assembly is a breeze with the innovative, self-aligning, slide-locking, snap-together joinery. Enjoy your favorite media with the included radio, CD changer and auxiliary input. An included adjustable, 6-foot magazine rack holds your reading materials near hand. Ideal for rooms large and small, it is also a great addition to your workout room.

These luxurious 2 person infrared saunas are portable and easy to assemble for a quick get-away. Ideal for rooms with no nearby power outlets, they have a sleek, low-profile design perfect for any corner of your home. The interior is lined with fabric and finished with durable, powder-coated finish paint. Control panel controls the heater, thermostat and heat level. It is completely enclosed, with a full-glass cover that resists stains from moisture and humidity.

Cedar lined and finished with durable powder-coated pine wood, these comfortable 2 person far infrared saunas are perfect for homes with small children. Ideal for use by adults, they feature a high density foam core for maximum comfort and a foot-thick, dense cover to ensure long lasting use. Cedar comes in a variety of tones and colors. You can choose from light brown to dark brown with stains or leave them natural. Cedar is naturally a strong antibacterial, so it is perfect for families with pets and young children. The exterior is lined with thin film of polyurethane foam, making it completely pest-proof.

This luxurious, modernistic 2 person sauna offers you ultimate privacy and comfort. These units have smooth-looking stainless steel bodies, and they are available in two models – a single and a double. The interior is lined with heavy-duty, clear polyurethane foam for superior heat absorption and maximum comfort. You can also have the option to add a foot massager or handheld Massager, perfect for those who wish to maximize the health benefits of their saunas use.

Perfect for professional athletes, these are completely portable and extremely easy to assemble. You can purchase them from most retailers, and there is even a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. The exterior is lined with lifetime warranty tempered glass that is scratch resistant, impact resistant and safe for children and adults. The interior is lined with fleece for ultimate comfort and heat absorption.

The sound system comes complete with a CD sound system, an MP3 player with speakers, a control panel, and an integrated remote control panel. There is also a USB cord that is designed to fit most handheld computers and laptops. The remote control offers quick and easy operation, and it includes channel selection so you can choose the perfect sound for your needs. The two-way vortex sauna controls offer smooth, effortless movements. Both the sound system and the vortex sauna come with a lifetime warranty, and the two pieces each include the control panel and remote control.

Most people today are concerned about their overall health and the state of their well-being. One of the most important aspects of good health is being able to sweat without feeling hot or cold. Using an infrared sauna can help you sweat without feeling cold. With an evenly tempered glass panel, you will find that the sauna is very comfortable. Your body will sweat at a slower rate when using the sauna as compared to using a traditional steam sauna. The infrared rays are evenly distributed across the surface of the emitter that causes the water molecules to be heated evenly.

When you compare the cost of the sauna with other forms of traditional healing and relaxation such as acupuncture, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, massage, exercise, or yoga, the cost of the sauna is much less. You also will not have to take the medications that you would take for these traditional therapies, nor do you have to endure the side effects that accompany them. If you want a relaxing experience that is completely free of stress, anxiety and pain, try an infrared sauna.

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