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Inmarsat Nera WorldPro 1010 BGAN Satellite Terminal With Service (INMARSAT 55MB BGAN PREPAID SERVICE)
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Inmarsat Nera WorldPro 1010 BGAN Satellite Terminal With Service (INMARSAT 55MB BGAN PREPAID SERVICE)

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Nera 1010/ Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER® 110 BGAN Terminal The smallest and lightest BGAN device The Explorer 110 combines an exceptionally compact design with performance and optimal flexibility. The terminal can be separated into two parts, so users can choose between indoor and outdoor use, with no need for an external antenna. Combined with the Explorer ISDN handset for voice telephony and text messages, it is ideal for single users, who need to set up a complete broadband mobile office in frequently changing locations. Applications Remote access – high-speed access to your corporate network, enabling access to company and customer information. Internet – access the internet at speeds up to 384kbps. Email – send and receive email via the internet or email applications. Telephony – make phone calls via a peripheral handset at the same time as accessing data applications. Streaming – select guaranteed quality of service up to 64kbps on demand eg. for video, audio. File transfer – send and receive large files. Specication Physical characteristics Weight : 1.0kg (2.2lbs) Dimensions : Length: 200mm (7.9”), Width: 150mm (5.9”), Depth: 40mm (1.6”) USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet User access : Via activated 3G compatible SIM card Power Power supply: AC or DC External power: 12 Volts DC, 110 – 240 Volts AC Battery type Lithium-ion. Rechargeable Input voltage 10.8-15.6 Volts DC Ingress protection: IP 44 Radio specifications Maximum radiated power (EIRP) : +10dBW Supported operating systems Operating system : Windows: 98SE, 2000, XP, MAC: OS 10.1 or later, Linux: Redhat 9 Data capabilities Standard IP : Up to 240/384kbps (send and receive) Streaming IP : 32kbps or 64kbps (send and receive) ISDN data N/A SMS 160 characters Voice: Via RJ-45 ISDN handset, or Bluetooth handset Supplementary services Voicemail Call forwarding Call barring Call waiting Call holding

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